How Can You Prevent Your Dog from Gaining Extra Pounds During Winter?

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How Can You Prevent Your Dog from Gaining Extra Pounds During Winter?

We all struggle with weight gain during the winters, whether it is about preventing gaining those extra pounds or shedding them. According to Dog Wash Care, gaining some weight during winters is a natural phenomenon and affects both humans and animals. Let’s discuss why dogs gain more weight during winters and Prevent Your Dog from Gaining Extra Pounds or shed those pounds. 

Why Do Dogs Gain Weight During the Winters?

As the temperatures drop, the metabolism rate and the level of activity reduces, and the dogs tend to spend the entire winters in a pseudo-hibernation mode. Dog Wash Care suggests that his slowed-down metabolism, along with larger meals and stocking up leftovers from the holiday meals, contributes to a significant gain in body weight. 

How to Prevent Weight Gain?

If your pet is active and already in shape, you will have to put in fewer efforts as all you need to do is create an exercise routine for winters to ensure he stays active. You can include games like indoor fetch and brisk hike when there is not enough snow to Prevent Your Dog from Gaining Extra Pounds. Make sure your dog spends more time outside and burns off the unwanted calories. 

In peak winter months, maintaining and following a daily exercise regime can be challenging. During this time, reduce the calorie intake of your dog to reciprocate with the lower physical and metabolic activity. Your dog will maintain a healthy weight only if the calorie intake is balanced with the calories burned. “If your pet is not burning enough calories, it is essential to manage his calorie intake accordingly.”, stated Dog Wash Care

In general, you can reduce the amount of food by up to 20 percent, or replace the food with low-calorie alternatives. 

Weight Loss Routine

If your dog is obese, you will need to put in a bit more effort to get him back in shape and normal weight range. Get in touch with your vet to get a proper diet plan recommended. If you decide to do it yourself, be alert with how much exercise you do with the dog how much food intake do you Prevent Your Dog from Gaining Extra Pounds. You can eliminate treats, but don’t suddenly cut down on food intake.

Before commencing a weight loss or exercise plan, you should also get your dog checked for any underlying conditions that might contribute to weight gain. 

According to Dog Wash Care, here are a few workouts your dog will enjoy and will burn calories at the same time. 

  • Running: Best exercise to burn calories, dogs love it
  • Treadmill: Half-an-hour run on a treadmill can help your dog burn about 3.75 calories
  • Walking with a backpack: Increased weight results in increased effort, which leads to more loss of calories
  • Swimming: If your dog likes to swim, take him to the river, as it can burn up to 100 calories an hour in dogs.

Wrapping It Up

Dogs gaining too much weight can lead to health problems in them. In winters, dogs tend to gain weight faster; thus, it is essential to control their calorie intake, along with creating a daily exercise plan for them.

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