Dog Washing Machines

How frequently should you use the dog washing machine?

Dogs are like children to all of the dog lovers around the world. They can stir up some really powerful emotions of love and affection within our hearts. How many times has it occurred that you come home from a long and tiring day at work in the evening all sad and gloomy, and as soon as you take out your keys to your front door and open it, your pet comes bouncing from across the room like a huge ball of fur and just pounces on you with affection. That feeling itself is worth all the care, attention, time and money in the world which you invest in your pet. 

As much as we love having them around, it’s not an easy job to live with other living beings who can’t take care of themselves. But the love that they have for you, it somehow seems to make up for it. From waking up early in the morning and having a dog wash to take your friend for a walk, to feeding them a meal three times a day, giving them a place to stay, and cleaning, bathing & washing them. All of that most definitely seems worth it to us.

But it takes more than just love and affection to be a responsible pet owner. It is most likely that your pet does not like to have a dog wash regularly which is perfectly understandable because that is just the norm with regards to dogs. But that should not be the case when you live with a pet. Proper hygiene is a must for all pets and so one of the most effective methods to use to get the job done is to use a pet washing machine. 

What is a pet washing machine?

Don’t worry, it is not as intimidating as it sounds. Dog Washing Machines are available in the market in a variety of types. They usually come in a big open stainless steel tub-like design with a mat on the bottom, you can place your pet on it and then using the hose provided you can simply dog wash your pet using the machine. Some also have a dryer area that you could use.

While using the Dog washing Machine, it is important to keep in mind a variety of factors including your dog’s fur type, whether his hair is short or whether it is long, whether he has a thick coat of fur or is it just a thin layer, whether his fur is water repellent or not, etc. and then proceed accordingly. 

If your pet has an oily type of fur, then instead of using the pet washing machine once a month, you should be able to do it once every week. Dogs like Beagles who have a very short type of fur can do well with infrequent visits to the dog washing machine.

Another major factor determining the frequency of the dog wash is the lifestyle of your dog. If your pet is usually at home most of the time and manages to not make a mess every day then you need not use the pet washing machine every week. But if your pet likes being outdoors and loves long walks then you need to give them a proper bath with the dog washing machine, at least once a week.

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