How to care for a cute Pug

//How to care for a cute Pug

How to care for a cute Pug

Pugs are an amazing breed with a combination of a unique appearance and an outstanding personality. But with the Pug being a brachycephalic breed and having a stout barrel shaped body, it comes with challenges. You’ll have to adhere to certain basic guidelines related to your pet’s activity levels, over-exertion, and breathing.

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The Pug is the largest of all toy dog breeds, and prone to putting on excess weight. Utmost care should be exercised in following a healthy diet and appropriate exercise regimen.

Pugs have a healthy appetite, and you need not worry too much if you offer quality meals and snacks. Plan in detail which snacks to give your Pug; and when. Impulsive treats often result in over eating.

Make sure that your Pug drinks enough water; it’s important for this breed to stay properly hydrated especially in the summer and during the winter when the weather turns dry. Pugs need to consume about 2 ounces of water per day for every pound of body weight.

When saliva and food particles mix with water in a bowl, a slimy film forms in the dish, which can lead to your pet avoiding it. This may lead to dehydration – ass low as a 5% depletion in body fluids can result in loss of focus and energy. And with food bowls, food when allowed to cake inside – can lead to rot, a buildup of bacteria and even mold. Clean the food and water bowls on a regular basis.


Lots of unpleasant things can occur if a Pug is not regularly or properly groomed, including yeast infection, skin fold dermatitis and other conditions such as bad odor and dry skin. Even if they do not look dirty, pugs need to be bathed once in 3 weeks.

The pug’s coat should be brushed finely 2 to 3 times a week. Special attention should be paid to wrinkles on the face with cleaning on a regular basis. It’s recommended to use a quality canine wipe on the wrinkles.

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If you come across any red irritated skin, rashes or a particularly bad odor, convey it to the veterinarian. In cases of yeast infection, this can be easily treated at home itself with an anti-bacterial-fungal shampoo/solution. Be sure to clean the area around eyes with a gentle canine eye wipe on a regular basis.


One of the leading causes of death for all puppies, Trauma is more threatening for the Pug breed. However, instances of severe injury and death can be prevented by exercising a bit of caution.

Never allow your Pug to be off leash when outside and never allow him out in the yard unsupervised. If your Pug has trouble navigating stairs, block these off with a gate.

If a Pug is subject to the added force and pressure of a collar around the neck, it can severely impede his breathing leading to a collapsed trachea. It’s highly recommended to use a harness instead.

Use proper bedding to care for the knee and hip issues that this breed are prone to. A good quality orthopedic bed can help them attain a comfortable sleeping position, breathe well at night and also alleviate pressure on the joints.

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