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How To Control Dog Hair and Odor At Home

Dogs are great and we love them. They are always willing to cuddle with us. They even drag us out to parks for a bit of fun. They are completely devoted, loyal and sweet and are by far the best companions humans could ever ask for. However, they require a lot of work from feeding them, walking them to grooming them on a frequent basis, it is not for everyone. Even the most loving dog parents can’t stand their stench upsetting the ambiance of a clean home. Especially when visitors come around, it makes it harder to keep them comfortable and quite frankly it may be embarrassing.

This situation can be completely avoided by cleaning up after your dog. This process doesn’t have to complex. Just by following a few simple house rules you can avoid the mess and the smell while still making sure you enjoy their company. Here are some rules to consider implementing to attain desired results,

Regular Dog Wash and Grooming

No one can argue the fact that a clean dog is a healthy dog and happy too. Different breeds of dogs require different levels of grooming. You can limit the shedding and smell by washing them as often as possible and brushing them right after. With the availability of dog wash machines in most major cities, this process doesn’t have to chore anymore. These pet washing machines are quite intuitive and extremely easy to use. You can get your dog used to regular bathing by bathing them regularly from when they are puppies. Some dogs even enjoy getting bathed if done regularly from when they are puppies. In order to prevent dry skin, you must make sure that the shampoo you use to wash them is dog-friendly.

Even though dogs don’t generally like to be washed, but most enjoy the grooming. Use a brush that suits your dog breed and hair type to get the best results. We recommend you to consult a professional groomer or the pet clinic before deciding on the ideal brush. Make it a point to brush every other day and they must be washed at least once every two weeks. By doing these two things you will witness a significant decline in shedding and smell. Additionally, this will mean you will get to spend more quality time with your most loyal friend.

Sweep and Mop Regularly

In order to cut down on the pet odor, you must make it a point to keep your floors clean from any pet dander. This can only be achieved by regular sweeping and mopping. Even after you clean the floors regularly, if you are noticing any smell then you may have to look around to find any place that your dog may have had an accident. House trained dogs generally always go to the same spot if they want to answer mother nature’s call. Only if they are having health issues like anxiety they will answer the call in unexpected places. If you do find the place where they have had an accident, clean it well with strong aromatic detergent to ensure that the smell doesn’t stick.

By doing just these two things you can eliminate most of the odor from your pristine home.

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