Puppy Training

There is always a price to be paid for discipline, be it for puppies or children. Acknowledging this fact is the first step towards a well mannered future dog. One of the essentials in creating the perfect dog is crate training. As with all other training, do this early during their puppy stage to ensure they pick it up quickly. Fortunately, an affinity towards a den is hardwired in their genes. They have evolved to use dens for shelter, security, and feeding. Even though they are naturally inclined to pick this up, don’t expect it to happen overnight. Like all other training, expect them to learn it gradually over time and never rush it.  

Best way to Crate Train a Puppy

As mentioned earlier, the first and foremost thing to keep in mind is that you must start train a puppy early, preferably when they are two months old. Younger dogs learn much quicker than those relatively older. As the saying goes, “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” couldn’t be truer in this instance. With older dogs, they already have a safe place where they like to spend most of their time. To get them to change this place requires you to break their habit and show them their new place. Additionally, take your time while training a puppy if you are impatient they may associate it with something negative and never learn Dog Wash.

Be kind and gentle

Be friendly with your pet always, especially when teaching them something as important as crate training. If you resort to applying force or any other cruel means, they will inherit those characteristics and become disobedient through rejection and accidents if the puppy gets agitated. This must be avoided by all means.

House Train them

The placement of the cage is crucial to crate training. Most dogs suffer from separation anxiety so the best placement of their cage is where people spend most of their time in the house like the living room. Once you place the crate in an ideal location, let them explore it. Puppies are curious in nature so due to their curiosity, they will venture in. Do not forget to keep the door open. Also, for the first few days don’t close the door or tamper with it in front of them, especially when they are inside the cage.

If they don’t enter the crate by themselves, you can incentivize them to do by dropping a treat inside the crate. This will help them create a positive association with the crate. Once the puppy is confident in entering the crate, after a few days, try closing the gate and see how they respond. If they have a positive response then you have successfully accomplished the task.

While on the topic of house train a puppy, make sure you get them familiarised with bathing. This is more important than you think, dogs that have not been familiarised with bathing at a very young age tend to loathe bath time and show unpredictable behavior. Dog wash need not be something you loathe. With the availability of the popular iClean dog wash machine, pet wash could not be made simpler.

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