How to Exercise Your Dog Indoors?

How to Exercise Your Dog Indoors?

Dogs need daily exercise regardless of the weather, temperature, or other conditions. That’s why it is always recommended to walk your dog several times a day. 

However, not all dog owners can take their dog outdoors or to the pet washing machine for exercise. Thankfully, exercising your dog indoors is possible. Here are a few ways you can release the energy of your dog indoors. 


Up and down the stairs

If you live in a multi-storey building, running your dog up and down the stairs can be an excellent way to exercise. Besides, the steps add an additional challenge to the dog’s workout. So, stand on the top of the stairs and throw a ball or toy down to your dog. When he picks it, call him up to you. Repeat this cycle a few times. 


Make your dog work for the treats

Take your dog’s favorite treats and hide them in various corners of your house. He will get so busy finding those treats under tables and behind doors that he’ll tire out physically and mentally in the process. If your dog loves dog wash, taking him to the pet washing machine store could be another great way to treat him if he does well. 


Get him on the treadmill

If you have a treadmill in your house, it can be a great way to exercise your dog indoors. Follow these steps to exercise your dog on a treadmill. 

  • Allow him to get comfortable on the treadmill.
  • Turn on the treadmill on the lowest speed possible. 
  • Give him treats or distract him to make sure he stays on the treadmill. 
  • If required, use the leash as an aid but don’t tie your dog to the treadmill. 
  • Stand in front of the treadmill; it can be more comforting for your dog. 
  • Once your dog feels comfortable and adjusted, gradually increase the speed. 


Tug of war

Tug of war can be a fun workout for both you and your dog. Moreover, you can do it anywhere: on the floor, on the bed, or even in the dog wash machine . However, also be aware of the risk. Such activities, in some cases, can bring out the predator in your dog, which can be unhealthy for your relationship. So, make sure you do these types of activities only if you have a strong relationship with your dog, and he trusts and respects you. 

Another thing to keep in mind when playing tug of war with your dog is his size. Larger breeds are powerful, so it won’t hurt if you pull with a stronger force. But smaller breeds are less powerful, and pulling with too much force can hurt them. 



Smaller breeds are easier to exercise indoors. With larger breeds, you’ll need a bigger place. Also, your dog might get weary if you exercise him often, and he might need a dog wash more often. So, make sure to give your pooch a nice bath in the dog wash machine once or twice a week.

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