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How to keep your pets safe from Summer Threats – Dog care

Summer has long been a time for outdoors, vacation trips, cookouts, and water sports. But when temperatures soar, so does dangers for pets. So make sure you are prepared to keep your best friends Dog care and safe from these unconventional threats.

Ticks and Bugs

With all the time your pet spends outdoors, one of the bigger threats is bug bites. During the summer, you should check your pet for ticks at least once every few days and especially after walks or trips through wooded areas. Generally, dogs are more susceptible than cats, and ticks can be harder to spot on dogs with thick coats.

You should remove any with tweezers if possible take it to your vet for testing. Ticks bear a number of diseases, including Lyme disease whose symptoms are hard to spot. Dogs may become lame, tired or feverish. It’s advisable to talk to your vet in advance about effective tick medication, and only use products recommended for the breed of your pet.


Their sound may not be a buzz kill for us, but it may prompt your pet to investigate. And curiosity can kill the cat (or dog), or at-least get them stung. Though not usually problematic, if there is a lot of swelling, you should call up your vet who may prescribe an over-the-counter medicine or suggest an office visit. Remember that OTCs can be harmful to pets, so never dispense them on your own.

At times, your pet may respond to any swelling by scratching the stung area pulling out the fur as a result. These “hot spots” can make your pet look bald, and it’s better to take your pet to the vet right away.


More time spent outdoors means more encounters with creepy crawlies. Most are harmless, but sometimes a reptile bite can turn worse than your dog’s bark. Protect your family and pets Dog care by keeping your yard tidy. Snakes love to lay low with tall grass and piles of junk being the perfect spots that they favor.

We tell kids to back away and leave it alone if they see a snake – whether it’s poisonous or not. But if your dog is inclined to chase wild animals, get him to keep his distance until the creature goes away.

Unfortunately, a small dog or a cat can be the perfect-size meal for some snakes. So do a quick surveillance of your yard to make sure the coast is clear before allowing such pets to go outside. If a pet gets bitten by a snake, its face and head will swell up and should be taken to the vet right away.

BBQs and Cookouts

Everyone loves a cookout, even pets who get to feast on table scraps. But too much of this can be bad. Most pets eat anything and everything, so keep an eye on what they’re indulging in. Table scraps and treats should not be more than 10 percent of a pet’s diet Dog care

A slow-cooked barbecue delight can cause diarrhea in dogsA little of any Ice cream is fine for most, but may not agree with all dogs, especially if they have sensitive bellies. Some dogs can even be lactose intolerant Just like people.

These dangers may sound scary, but a watchful eye and a little preparation is all you need.

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