How To – Make Your Dog a Better Neighbor

You love your dog but how do others who stay adjacent to your house feel about your dog?

Make Your Dog a Better Neighbor

If you have not been parenting them well, you may be making enemies of your neighbors without even being aware. By practicing good dog etiquette, you can ensure that everyone is happy. If you have not heard about this before nd have no clue how to go about it, you can follow the steps mentioned below.


Even though your house is your dog’s house as well, you must not give them free reign in the house. This can cause various complications.

When you have guests coming over, let them know that you have a dog at home. Also make sure to ask them if they are comfortable with meeting your dog. This can make a world of difference to someone who is extremely scared of dogs. Comfort levels around pets varies widely and is not the same with everyone. Even your dog won’t mind a couple of hours of solitude.

If your dog is used to jumping on people when they walk into your home then it is a good idea to leash them before your guests arrive. By doing this you can control your dog better. You can keep them leashed until their initial excitement has waned and then make the introduction.

If you sense your dog becoming anxious or getting overstimulate, seperate them from your guests and keep them in empty room. Your dog may be gentle and sweet with you but its reactions can differ when he is meeting unfamiliar people like children and big bearded men or any other type of unfamiliar people.

Dog a Better Neighbor


A good fence that is strong and sturdy is essential if you want to keep your neighbors happy. Apart from keeping your dog contained, a good fence will keep unwanted visitors out of the yard and stops your dog barking at everything that moves outside.

Chain Link fence is the most economical choice but if you want your fence to not be see through consider getting wooden fences. Some dogs may even be able to climb over chain link fences so if your value your pet’s safety and the safety of others then you must get the more premium wood fences.

Wood fences can be expensive but they are more versatile as they can be customized as per your preferences like you can add peekaboo window or any other fence features that can reduce anxiety in your pets which can ultimately avoid their escape attempts.

Fences are important but it does not in any sense imply that that you can let your pet unattended in the yard. If you are not there to watch over them, they might start tearing up the yard or think of ways of escaping as dogs start misbehaving when bored. You must always keep an eye on them and bring them in once they start barking. This will show some level of concern from your side towards your neighbors.

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