How To Relieve Your Pet Dog From Itchy Skin

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How To Relieve Your Pet Dog From Itchy Skin

Seeing your dog scratch himself frantically is never a good sign!

Itchy or irritable skin (Pruritus in medical terms), in dogs can be caused by a whole range of factors. However, its common for pet owners to assume that the constant scratching is to get rid of fleas. While a session at the dog wash with some added natural shampoo/conditioner can help with this, there are several other causes that you can give rise to the condition.

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Dry skin, allergies, yeast infections, environmental factors and irritants in ones environment can also be the cause your dog feels itchy. At times, it can even be a combination of some of these factors that induces the itchy feeling and causing your dog to be even more inclined to scratch.

Common Symptoms

Whatever be the root cause of your dog’s itchy skin, they will usually exhibit some similar signs and symptoms. Any breed of dog, at any life stage can be affected by itchy skin. So when your dog or puppy is scratching himself a bit too much, keep an eye out for the following signs and symptoms.

Scratching Non-stop

Rubbing against furniture or floor to relieve the itch

Dryness or Redness of the skin

Sores – caused by excessive scratching

Whining or indication of pain while they scratch

Chewing paws or the tail

Red bumps on the skin

Excessive dandruff or fur loss


If you come across one or more of these signs and symptoms, it could probably be an allergy. Dogs can develop allergies, from the type of food you give them, reactions to shampoos or grooming products, or even as a reaction to medication. It is best to consult your vet to identify the root cause.

Once you confirm the incidence of allergies, you can make the appropriate modifications to your dog’s life to return them to normal. In the event of it not being an allergy, your vet can give you a proper diagnosis about your dog’s itchy skin condition. Once you have the proper diagnosis you can begin to treat it appropriate medication or even home remedies.

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Home Remedies

Vitamins may be all that your dog needs to prevent itching. Vitamin E in particular can help provide added moisture to the skin while also promoting the healthy re-growth of hair and skin cells.

The following home remedies can be of use to give your dog relief or even a cure for their itching, The great thing is that most of these home remedies can be easily found and you won’t have to resort to an anti-itch cream.

Epsom Salt


Coconut Oil

Apple Cider Vinegar

Natural Skin Tonic

Natural Flea Powder

Keeping your dog’s body clean is very important to prevent suffering from constant itching and discomfort. It’s essential that you give your dog regular baths, brushing and grooming as well as keep him in clean and hygienic surroundings. With the help of these home remedies, a proper diet and a hygienic lifestyle, you can help your pet  live a normal healthy life.

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