How To Treat Fleas – Medication & Prevention

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If you have a furry dog, the struggles of brush up on ticks and fleas – and the deadly diseases they spread – is far from over.

These insects can make you both sick and unwell. Many products can make them non-existent, but you need to know how to use them safely.

Timing is key

When should you treat your dog with wood products or ticks? It depends on where you live.

Fleas are very bad during warmer months, but they can stay indoors all year long. Spring and summer are often the most difficult times for ticks. But they can live year-round in other parts of the U.S.

If you notice signs of these insects on your animal, treat them immediately. Alternatively, start treatment at the beginning of the season or tick. Your veterinarian can tell you if you are unsure. Some areas require treatment throughout the year.

Types of Prevention

Many alternative therapies are on the market. Some prevent ticks or other insects.

The most popular products are pills and “visual” treatments that get into your dog’s back under their fur. They serve their purpose and are convenient. Some products come in the form of dips, shampoos, collars, foggers, and sprays.

Safety Guidelines

  1. Consult a veterinarian before using any cord or tick product. This is key if your dog has a history of fainting or:


  • On a separate medication
  • Old
  • The sick
  • The puppy
  • Pregnancy or nursing
  • Incompatibility with product items

In these cases, a veterinarian may suggest that you use a special comb to pick up waves, eggs, and ticks. Then you can drown the insects in a bowl of hot, soapy water.

  1. Follow the instructions. Do not use dog products for cats, as this can be fatal. Only enter the required value for the size of your pet. Never double on products. You dont have to pair the medicinal powder with spot-on treatment.
  2. Wear gloves, or wash your hands with soap and water after applying the ointment. Follow the instructions for proper storage and disposal of entries.
  3. Keep pets apart while the product is dry. You don’t want them to exercise and swallow chemicals.
  4. Watch for signs of reaction, especially if this is your first time using a product. Call your veterinarian if your dog has symptoms such as:


  • Bad food
  • Vomiting or diarrhea
  • Excessive saliva
  • Depression
  • Vibration

If your dog does not respond well and you use a bracelet product, wash them immediately with soap and water. Follow any instructions that appear on the package installation. Call your veterinarian and report problems to the National Pesticide Information Center at 800-858-7378.

Clean Carpets, Floors and Yards

It is not enough to handle your pet. You should also control pests inside and outside your home. If you want to use an insecticide in your home, ask a veterinarian or exterminator which is safe for pets and children.

Take these extra steps to manage internal actions:


  • Clean daily, including carpets, folding furniture, floorboards and basement. Throw in a cleaning bag or wash the box thoroughly after each use.
  • Clean smoke regularly, especially in areas where your dog is sleeping.
  • Wash the animal and human beds at least every two to three weeks.

Here are some insect control tips for your yard:


  • Always remove leaf litter, tall grass, and brush.
  • Eliminate plants that attract deer, as deer carry ticks.
  • Cover litter and keep out of reach of raccoons and mice, which carry ticks and fleas.
  • Commercial chemicals nematodes. These tiny worms kill caterpillars and caterpillars. Ask for details of your pet or garden.
Wendy Hendriks

Wendy Hendriks

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