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How to use the Dog Wash

In order to aid dog-owners with the task of keeping their dogs nice and clean iClean International developed an innovative washing system for dogs. The self-serve Dog Wash has been developed with the dog’s and the owner’s needs in mind. The iClean Dog Wash helps the owner of a dog to wash and dry their pet for a low price and with little effort. Every component of the device has a special task and supports dog owners in providing the necessary care for their pets.

Due to the bent or kneeling position during the wash at home, people often complain about pain in the back or knees. To prevent the problems the iClean Dog Wash has been designed to be ergonomically beneficial. The tub of the Dog Wash is positioned at a height that is very comfortable for the person washing the dog. During the whole wash the dog owner is standing in an upright position without any strain on their back or knees and can take as much time as he/ she wants. The Dog Wash tub is equipped with a coating non-slip material. This way your dog can stand safely and comfortably during the whole wash.

The most important part of a dog wash is of course the shower. It supplies you with the ideal amount of water, which is already heated to a comfortable temperature of 38°C. This is the ideal temperature for the wash of a dog. When you select the program ‘Shampoo’ the shampoo is automatically mixed into the water that flows through the shower. This way an even and thorough cleaning of the dog’s fur is achieved. The iClean company only uses an organic shampoo that has been developed especially for dogs. The shower is flexible and can be moved freely so you can reach all bodily parts of your dog.