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So often we hear about dog grooming that we forget to ask the basic question whether if it is safe for your dog in the first place. Without thinking about anything we go and leave our dogs to get groomed usually by strangers who always provide advice in their best interests. Bathing your dog is not a problem but when it comes to messing around with their fur, there are a lot of considerations to make before you think about doing anything else. 

Before you think about anything else you must do your homework first. Look for credibility among your groomers as most professional groomers are certified by a grooming school or other professional associations. This will mean that they have the formal training required to handle dogs. Also, make it a point to ask your groomer how much experience they have in this field. 

There are always local associations like the Better Business Bureau that register complaints on local businesses so it is a good idea to check if this grooming clinic has any complaints lodged against them. If they do have any complaints lodged against them then steer clear of that groomer. Once you have selected a list of all the groomers you are interested in, you can call them directly and ask them for more information like pricing, costs, hours of operation and types of services provided. 

Puppy grooming

This may sound like a lot of work just to get your dog a wash and a haircut but injuries related to dog grooming is a very common problem. By doing some work up front, you can avoid a great deal of stress and pain later down the line. Some groomers have automatic dog washing machines that give your dog an excellent dog wash while causing as little inconvenience to your dogs as possible. These dog wash machines sometimes also called as pet washing machines are quite intelligent. They can provide the best settings in terms of water temperature and other things to give you dog the perfect dog wash at all times. 

Safe Dog grooming must be a top priority when getting your dog accustomed to the grooming process. Without a safe dog grooming process, injuries are bound to happen and they may scar your dog forever from the process of grooming. By ensuring an adequate level of safety, your dog will remain stress-free and injury-free. Some Other things to consider before booking an appointment at the groomer are age and medical history. If you have a senior dog, we recommend you to reduce your grooming trips as such dogs suffer from joint pains. This makes it difficult for the dog to get in and out of tubs. By reducing the number of trips to the groomer, you will effectively reduce their pain.

For a safe dog grooming, your groomer must know your dog’s complete medical history along with preferences and allergies, if any. This will ensure that the groomer is aware of all their conditions avoiding any confusions.

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