Holidays are imminent, and you’re probably already making up lists of the perfect presents for your near and dear. Gifting a loved one a present they cherish can be as rewarding as if you receive one yourself. When all the people who matter in your life are celebrating the joy of the season, we should also spread some cheer to our furry friends.

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Holidays can always take us down Memory Lane. From sugar cookies to spiced ciders and crackling fires, smells are an important part of celebrating the holidays. Any celebration is incomplete without a delicious holiday spread. While you with your family and friends are enjoying roast stuffed turkeys, delicious fruit cake, or pecan pies, make sure your pet has his own special feast.

America might be divided as a country, but it loves its pets. The past year alone, the nation spent $60.28 billion on their pets, with this year’s number’s expected to go north of $62.75 billion. Most of that does go for food and health care; there’s still plenty for spending on treats and presents for our furry friends.

Altogether 65 percent of U.S. households own one or more pets. An American Pet Products Association survey found that there are over 85 million cats and 77.8 million dogs being kept as pets in the United States. (But the most popular pet, still is Freshwater fish(!) with 95.5 million swimming around in bowls and glass cases)

This holiday season, more than 38 percent of cat owners and 50 percent of dog owners plan to buy gifts for their pets. The survey found that treats and toys are the most popular pet gifting options this holiday season.

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As you put together your holiday shopping lists for friends, family, and significant others, don’t forget the ones who are truly there for you through thick and thin: your pets. But what to gift your feline or canine companion this year? There are many ways you can provide joy to your pets this coming holiday season.

An exclusive range of Dr. Seuss Pet Fans Collection, fitness monitors, holiday-themed stocking-stuffed treats, stylish feeding bowls, other feeding accessories, luxury beds, self-cleaning litter boxes, are among the bewildering range of items to choose from this season.

If you’re confused, it’s easier to let someone else pick out the perfect gift. MeowBox and BarkBox are monthly subscription services that deliver hand picked gifts – treats, toys, chews and gadgets to engage your pup or kitty. Both are open for a 1, 3, 6 or 12-month subscription, can be shipped monthly and start from as low as $20.

On a more serious note, alongside seasonal gifting, you can help out animals in need, the welcome gift of a loving home this holiday season through several Foundations and fundraising campaigns.

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