Key To A Calm Dog While Grooming

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Many owners want to keep their dogs looking smart and orderly, as well as cutting their coats to make sure they are cool enough.

But sometimes it can all get worse if you don’t get used to the process. Ensuring that your dog or client is comfortable with grooming is important when it comes to safe and accurate cuts, as well as keeping them calm throughout.

Regular grooming can include different and unusual sounds that your dog may not be familiar with, especially if this is your first time at the salon. Talk to them as you prepare, making sure they are comforted and informed that they are in safe hands.

Ensuring that your pooch is comfortable in the environment is a very important part of building an effective and efficient fitness routine. If you want the finished result to be as flawless and stunning as possible, you need to make sure that the needs and needs of the dog are focused on the process of grooming.

This blog aims to guide you on how to keep your dog calm while grooming yourself to reduce discomfort to you and your customer. Sometimes, dogs can be stubborn and refuse to do what you want, and this can be a problem once you have a line of customers waiting for training. However, to ensure that your dog is kept calm, content and reassurance will reduce the chances of such problems.

Make them feel safe with machines

Ensuring that your pet or your client feels safe in your hands is a major problem that needs to be resolved before building a relationship and trust. The hair salon can be stressful and stressful for dogs, especially if they have never been before, and to make them comfortable it is important to keep them calm. If you expect a particular dog to become a problem client, do not allow it. Act as a business as usual so that your dog does not react to unusual behavior. Give them authority in the area and encourage them to inspect the equipment.

Getting your dog acquainted with the equipment

Even for people, the unknown fear can put people aside to try new experiences. So why should we expect our animals to be instantly relieved with new equipment and experiences? To make grooming easier and more fun, you should create a familiar environment where the dog feels that it also has power in it. Let them inhale the equipment you plan to use and try it early so that it does not come as an unacceptable surprise. If this is their first time at the salon, take their speed and follow their lead – after all the customer is always ready! Give them something of authority in space so that they do not feel intimidated and frustrated.

Rewards and praise are important

recommend your dog for handling during grooming

Apply management

If you have a dog that is particularly nervous about grooming equipment or does not work well with everything that happens, management can be a great way to reward you by letting you fix yourself. When they stand or sit quietly let you use them the way you need, rewarding them with words and lashes. In this way, your dog will begin to make the connection between staying calm during the beneficial process. For those dogs that are really scared, ask the owner’s permission to give them cooked food to encourage continued good and obedient behavior. Eventually, grooming will be a small thing for your four-legged friend and they will come to the conclusion that you have nothing to worry about.

Take a break

Everything can be very big during the grooming process – if this happens, make sure you respect your dog and let him go for a while. This is important when it comes to gaining trust with your pet, they can be sure that you will support them when they are not comfortable. Of course, we understand that this will not be safe for every dog ​​that walks through the doors of the salon, however, if you introduce this process gradually you will find that breaks are reduced and eventually you will not be needed.

Stop when it becomes too much

keeping your dog calm during grooming

As well as taking breaks, it is important to let them know when everything is much less than your dog. If the dog you are grooming starts to move or does not sit down and is obviously stressed, it is time to know when to stop. Continuing to force the grooming process on your customers or your pet can create more frustration and panic and can delay all the work you put in to help them stay calm during the grooming process.

Relaxing Sounds / Normal Sounds

If you have nervous and insecure dogs visiting your salon, ask their owners for something common to help them calm down. Whether that’s the music they hear at home or the sound they’re familiar with, this can be an extremely helpful addition to the grooming process to make sure your client has something tangible that cuts them off from what’s going on.

Walk to the salon

Some dogs find that walking in a car is a painful and unpleasant situation. From veins to travel sickness, it’s not always a good start and it can be a habit to throw you and your pet off track in your daily routine. If the salon is close to your home, why not try walking in there to minimize distractions? It will allow your pooch to stretch your legs and be able to get a little tired before exercising so that your client does not have the energy to go out when you try to exercise! Of course, this does not always make sense so why not encourage your customers, or if you are taking your dog, to allow some time to play a little in the waiting room.

Wendy Hendriks

Wendy Hendriks

This is Wendy Hendriks From iClean Internationals Ltd. Life-long learner, committed to working hard at self directed learning environment.

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