life lessons from dogs

Can dogs be teachers? Look at the life lessons we learn from Dogs.

On the occasion of Teachers’ Day, today, we are going to tell you what we all can learn from those furry animals. Yes, they look dumb but, they can teach us some important life lessons. Someone righteously expressed – I love dogs! They don’t care if I am different, if I lack fashion sense, what I drive, where I live, or how many friends I have. They are never ashamed of me or worried I might not fit in with their dog friends. They just love and accept me unconditionally. – Anonymous. We humans are so engrossed in the materialistic and trivial things that we have forgotten what matters more. A close look at the dog’s lives makes us realize how much they have to teach us.

Loyalty is the number one trait of a dog. You must have heard numerous stories about this admirable characteristic of dogs. Dogs are pack animals, and they are nothing if not loyal to the group they belong to. They defend each other, love each other, and protect each other. Humans can learn loyalty and dependability. Like dogs, we should be a loyal member of the human pack that we belong to. Dog’s don’t judge you for your possessions of appearances they are born to be the loyal companions, and so they indeed are a man’s best friend. Being a loyal and dependable friend, partner, or parent will enrich our lives in many ways.

life lessons

If you take a moment to observe your dog, you will see that they live in the present. Sure, it remembers where it can find its treats or which path goes to the home or the faces of the people it has met before. But they do not access these memories until they need them in the present. That is the way of living. We can’t change the past, and we don’t know what the future holds for us but, we do have the present. Technically, the present is all we have! So why spend the precious present moments worrying about the past or future? Why not live in the moment?

Have you ever seen a dog worry about its tail being too long or too short? Or the not-so-toned body? Or get jealous of the neighbor’s dog? No! Because they don’t care about these things. Dogs are like the happy souls sent straight from heaven to spread happiness among humans, and we should learn that. We are so full of comparisons and self-loathing. There is hardly a person who is content with his/her body or face or anything. Look at your dog and think if it can love its chubby imperfect body, then you can too. Love yourself and the body you were spent in and spread this love to others too for life lessons.

A Dog’s love comes with no strings attached. They don’t care what is going in the world or how bad a situation is or what mood you are in? They just want to shower you with their love-filled kisses and licks. A  e doesn’t depend on the size of your house or which car do you drive. They don’t care what you look like or how much money do have in the bank. All they know is that they love you for just being their life and for the treats you give them. Isn’t that how love should be? Unconditional.

Dogs know how to take care of their body. They know when to eat when to drink and how much water they need. If you just google the benefits of drinking water, you will know it is like one solution to all your everyday problems. We should learn to drink our water from the dogs. It helps in weight loss, weight management, flushing out toxins, clearing up your skin, better functioning of the body, glow up your face- almost everything. Go on, Drink up!

Let us face reality! Humans are turning into lazy lads! Always sitting, whether in the office or at home. Throughout the day our physical surroundings change but ultimately, we are either sitting in an office chair or leaning back on the couch in front of the tv. On the other hand, there are dogs, always filled with energy. Dogs need to go outside and play or walk or just jump around, any kind of physical activity. It is for sure fun for them, but it is also a necessity. Taking your dog out for the walk is the only outdoor activity for so many people. Dogs are a walking reminder for us to keep moving our bodies and stay healthy.

There are times when you yell at your pooch sometimes for their fault, but sometimes it is just your frustration too. But has your pooch ever held back its love because you were rude to them? No, because dogs don’t believe in holding grudges. There must have been people in your life with whom you cut cords over some petty argument or mean comment. But if it had been your dog instead of you, they would have stayed in touch and leave all differences behind. Just saying! Grudges are like a heavyweight on the heart. Letting go of the grudges will lighten the mind and give a sort of freedom.

Love conquers all!

life lessons You must have come across stories about dogs were aggressive and violent because they were in horrible surroundings. But when placed in a new loving home among the people who shower them with love, the same dogs turn into playful, lovable canines. This works for humans too. Instead of confronting someone with hate and unkind behavior, try using love to convey your emotions and compassion to understand them. The first step is to love yourself. Replace your fear and criticism with love, and no matter which situation you are in, it will get easier.

Teachers don’t always come with a lot of college degrees. Or come to a classroom with notebooks in their hands. Sometimes they are just laying on a rug in front of you looking at you with eyes filled with love and hope and waiting for you to toss them a treat. Take a look around, and you will discover something with a life lesson in it.

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