Pet-Friendly Home

Making of a pet-friendly home

Pets, nowadays, are considered to be a part of the family, so it is only natural that many pet parents take into account their pets’ needs when building or renovating their homes. This may include putting up a fence, adding a doggie door or opting for more durable flooring. While these are the more common pet-related home renovations, there are some other pet-conscious renovation one may overlook.

Here are a few unique ideas to make your house more pet-friendly.


You can add several pet-friendly kitchen features like built-in pet gates, special storage and feeding stations to ensure that your kitchen looks great and makes it easier for your pets to navigate as well.

A separate area for pet feeding will help keep your kitchen stay neat and tidy. A bonus is that you get to prevent yourself from tripping over bowls or slipping and spilling food everywhere. You can also opt for a faucet near the space to make it easy to refill water bowls and to clean up.

While installing new kitchen cabinets, it’s better to put a deep drawer near the pet feeding space dedicated to pet food storage.

At times, you just don’t need your pets in the kitchen. Lots of pet parents install baby gates to keep their dogs out. It’s best to install a gate or half door. These will help keep pets out of the kitchen while still leave you with access to rest of the house.


A lot of people tend to go for litter boxes or dog washing areas in their mudroom. For those without the luxury of a mudroom, you can go in for these features in your bathroom.

Bathing station: A walk-in shower is better than a traditional tub/shower combo to make it easier for a larger dog. You can also install a handheld faucet or shower-head lower near the ground. This can be very helpful when you need to rinse muddy paws. It’s recommended to put in a large drain to avoid getting clogged with pet hair.

The bathroom can be a great place to place your cat’s litter box, though quite unsightly. You can have a nook in your cabinets to slide the box in when not needed.

The Yard

A fence is probably the first thing you need to make your yard pet-friendly, entertaining and a safe playground. So while planning to landscape your yard, you can think about adding these features.

Older dogs often find it difficult to climb up or down steps. Adding a ramp to decks and porches can help them avoid using the stairs. Ramps can also help prevent accidents and reduce injuries in younger dogs, especially those suspect to back problems like basset hounds or dachshunds.

Remodeling your house can be a dangerous time for your animals in the house. It’s better to keep their safety in mind during the time of home renovation. With all the comings and goings of people and equipment in and out of your house, it’s best to get your pet microchipped in the event they manage to get out. If your pet is prone to anxiety or really sensitive, it’s best to ask your vet about a sedative to help calm nerves.

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