Advantages of Adding a Pet Wash||Advantages of Adding a Pet Wash

Making The Bath Less Stressful For Your Dog And You – Dog bath

Why Do Baths Get Stressful?

A healthy pet requires a hygienic bath and proper nutrition. But not all dogs enjoy getting into the bathroom or shower. For a good dog baththe pet has to co-operate with you. Otherwise, even a dog wash machine is not of much fun either. 

The problem with pooches is that they get anxious near water. Small breeds and pups are prone to slipping and sliding. Even the larger dogs show displeasure and run away. This type of behavior can take the fun out of baths. However, a pet washing machine can convince them to co-operate.

Some Useful Tips For Stress Relief

  • A safe dog wash requires the right kind of ambiance and bathroom accessories. You can use the bathtub, shower, or a dog wash machineUse non-slip rubber mats on the floor to make the pet feel safe. Otherwise, it will get anxious, become unsteady, wobble, and fall.
  • Running taps, showers, and sudden splashes of water make the dog nervous. You can use the pet washing machine to avoid any sudden scares. The pet will not only get used to the machine but will enjoy its bath time. You, too, will have more fun giving him a refreshing and much-needed bath.
  • It would be best if you protect your dog from water and soap suds. Its eyes and ears need special attention as they are very delicate. You can use a shower cap to cover the pet’s ears while giving it a good scrub. Make sure you close or cover the pet’s eyes while giving the final rinse.
  • Turn the dog bath experience into a soothing spa session. Use tender dog shampoo and give it gentle massages with grooming gloves. The rubber nubs in these gloves can loosen the tangles and remove shed hair.
  • Put the pet in the dog wash machine and make it feel precious. Chat with it in a gentle voice and praise it for being such a good boy. Your soothing voice will convince it of the benefits of a joyful bath. 
  • The pet washing machine is the ideal option for extensive cleaning. Yes, you can scrub and rinse the coat and hairs, but every once in a while, give more importance to overall grooming. You can trim its hair, clip the nails, and clean the ears. Pets do not enjoy continuous poking, prodding, snipping, and clipping. So, go in prepared for any fusses. 

Post-Dog Bath Activities

Post-Dog Bath Activities

You can flatter your dog by feeding it yummy treats and chewy delights. Reinforce its faith in dog wash right after the dog bath. Caress the pet and let it know you appreciate its support. Towel it off with a dry towel and massage it. Let the coat dry and give it an enjoyable brushing.

If the pet likes the dog wash machine, you can let it play for a while. There is no hard and fast rule in how long you should give a bath to your pet. Do you want your pet to feel comfortable with the machine? Performing actions that are to its liking around the pet washing machine has a positive effect. It will learn to enjoy the baths and make it fun for you.

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