Marijuana Poisoning Surge In Dogs

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The number of cases of dog overdose in dogs has skyrocketed in recent decades. Fortunately, it is rarely lethal, but it can bring some troubling symptoms, and you should always seek animal advice if you suspect that your dog has ingested the drug.

Why the sudden surge in marijuana poisoning in dogs?

In 1996, California became the first province to legalize the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes. Marijuana It is now banned only in a few provinces, and a growing number allow its use for recreational purposes.

Due to the increasing availability of the drug, there has been a significant increase in reports of dogs suffering from Marijuana toxicosis. The Animal Poison Control Center, for example, reported an astonishing 765% increase in calls about pets entering Marijuana in 2019, compared to the same period last year. The Pet Poison Helpline also saw an increase of more than 400% in the number of calls they took on almost Marijuana related events over a six-year period.

The increase in reported cases has even led to a clinical trial investigating the tendency of Marijuana toxicosis in dogs living in the country of legal use Marijuana between 2005 and 2010. There was a fourfold increase in the number of cases reported at two Colorado veterinary hospitals that focused on research.

Exposure to marijuana

There have been significantly higher cases of dogs suffering from Marijuana toxicosis than cats. This is because users often mix the drug into desirable baked goods, which is a problem if the dog is a well-known doctor.

However, your dog can also get poisoned by eating any part of the plant itself (including leaves, seeds, stems and flowers), as a result of inhaling smoke, eating hashish oil, or even eating the feces of a marijuana user.

 Symptoms of Marijuana Poison in dogs

  • Stumbling and crossing of feet
  • It is dull and dangerous
  • Students are not clean
  • Inability to hold urine
  • Cleaning
  • Trembling and shivering
  • Turbulence

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is a powerful psychoactive substance in Marijuana and dogs have a much harder response to this than humans. Symptoms usually appear within 30 minutes to an hour after ingestion of the drug, or as soon as you inhale.

The most common sign of stumbling is crossing their feet, and they walk as if they are ataxic. In the study, 88% of dogs were brought with this sign. About 50% of dogs may also appear dull and exhausted by rational students, and will crawl in response to rapid movements towards their face.

The most interesting sign for dogs is urinary incontinence. About half the dogs learned to drive uncontrollably while having Marijuana on their system. Other possible symptoms include vomiting, tremors and tremors, nausea, and some dogs may be comatose.

 Treatment for Marijuana Poisoning in Dogs

Treatment varies depending on the severity of the symptoms, and some dogs may be treated as patients at home, while others will need intravenous hospitalization and supportive care.

In severely affected animals, we recommend intralipid therapy, which is a lipid injection (Mrijuana used in nutritional support for IV) to help bind Marijuana and allow for faster removal of the body.

With proper treatment, dogs usually recover completely within a day or two.

When & Why to Consult a Veterinary Doctor?

Marijuana Toxicosis is rarely fatal, and homicide, although unknown from Marijuana, comes on its own. However, a high number of cases of Marijuana toxicosis in dogs include combining the drug with chocolate or artificial sweeteners such as Xylitol – both of which are toxic to dogs – in the form of brownies or cookies. It is important to note that butter products in the medical grade Marijuana can pose a high risk of very serious symptoms. These butterflies are often mixed with cakes and cookies.

No matter how your dog imports, you should always seek animal advice. Because the power of Marijuana varies and the amount of food is not controlled by the regulatory agency, it is very difficult to know exactly how much the dog has imported. In addition, we do not know the toxic or lethal dose when you inhale or inhale, so it is always best to have your pet tested.

Wendy Hendriks

Wendy Hendriks

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