What you need to keep in mind while washing your pet dog in winter

//What you need to keep in mind while washing your pet dog in winter

What you need to keep in mind while washing your pet dog in winter

How to keep your pet dog clean, well-groomed and nice smelling this winter!

You cannot avoid bathing your dog during the winter months. It’s very much necessary but can turn a health risk in the absence of proper care and precautions – especially in the colder regions. However, by following these following tips, you can make your dog the cleanest and happiest dog around without compromising their health.

Keep your pets indoors

The most important rule for keeping your dog clean during the winter season is to keep him indoors until they are absolutely dry. It is very much difficult for dogs to maintain their warm ambient body temperature when wet.

In addition, letting your dog outdoors during the winter season highly increases the risk of hypothermia. If your dog is a breed with a thick coat that takes time to dry, you can resort to using a blow dryer to help it dry sooner. However, while using a blow dryer, make sure that it is at the lowest temperature setting and hold it at least half a feet away from your dog’s fur to avoid burns.

Keeping the hearth warm

It is important to keep your home warm at-least during bath time even if you are reluctant to run central heating during the winter continually. As mentioned earlier, cold temperatures can result in an increased risk of hypothermia. Be sure to turn up the heat an hour or so before bath time and maintain the temperature until your pet is completely dried off.

Use warm- not hot water

Warm water helps keep your pet stays comfortable and calm during bath time. It also ensures they maintain a healthy and warm body temperature.

Early in the day

It’s best to make your dog stay indoors as much as possible during the winter until their coat completely dries off. So it’s wise to bathe them in the morning. This allows them to dry off during the rest of the day and they may be ready for a walk outside by the evening.

Drying – the proper way

While it’s best not (and practically impossible) to stop your dog from doing ‘the shake’ after a wash, using a thick towel can speed up the rate at which they dry even more. A thick and absorbent towel is the perfect means for soaking up water after bath time, enabling your pet to go outdoors and play that much sooner.

Dry(!) shampoo and conditioner

If your dog loves the great outdoors or sleeps in a kennel outdoors, consider using a dry shampoo to clean him at-least during the winter season. An appropriate dry shampoo can remove the dirt buildup on your dog’s skin and also eliminate the ‘dirty dog’ odor that most of us dislike.

Some breeds are blessed with thick fur that keeps them warm naturally, even in extreme cold. However, pet dogs need their coats clean and well-groomed to keep them properly insulated. Dry and cold weather can take a toll on your pet’s skin and health. Help prevent that by adding a suitable supplement to his diet.

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