Organisms and other reasons that might be degrading your dogs health


These organisms are parasitic in nature and can cause a lot of skin irritation and itching. Your pet dog can easily catch them while strolling in the park on a random day. These fleas can cause serious infections if not administered at the right time. The dogs having fleas can be seen scratching themselves a lot around the base of their tail and back.


Dogs are very prone to catching ticks while walking or running on the grass. Ticks attach to their skin and feed on blood, causing pain to your pet. They are often stationary and can lead to lesions if not removed at an early stage.


Young dogs and puppies are relatively more vulnerable to worms than adult dogs. Worms can enter inside their body through a number of ways including oral ingestion or through the skin surface. The most common of them are roundworms (ascarids), tapeworm, and hookworm.


Mangy dogs:

This type of parasitic organisms find shelter in your dog’s fur. Mange mites burrow into the animal’s skin causing severe itching and rashes. Extreme levels can cause significant hair loss, scales, and lesions. There are different types of mange in dogs depending upon the mites responsible for it.

Furthermore, there are several other reasons that can affect your pet dogs health in a negative way. Let’s look at some of such reasons to keep a timely check on them.


Inadequate exercise and lack of physical activity are bound to make anyone suffer from obesity and laziness. The same is applicable in the case of dogs. Good diet and exercise are as important for dogs as it is for human beings. Obesity in dogs is a matter of increasing concern and can cause serious complications. These include hormonal imbalance, reduced immunity, and diabetes to name a few issues that affect a dogs health.



Pet dogs also have digestion problems and upset stomach occasionally. This can result in vomiting and diarrhea. Such digestive problems tend to resolve on their own within a few days usually. However, an unusual or prolonged period of digestion problems can be an indicator of a serious complication. One might need consulting their vet in such a case.



Our beloved canine accomplices also suffer burns and skin irritation caused by spending excessive time in the sun. The breeds having short fur are prone to this.


Itchy skin:

Canines can suffer from skin irritation and itching because of a number of reasons. One of these includes food allergy. Soy, corn, and wheat are the most common allergens easily found in many dog foods. Other reasons for your dog’s itching can be yeast infections that can result in painful sores in your dog’s skin. This becomes worse for canines having thick fur.


Always pay close attention to your pet’s behavior. Any change or loon of discomfort can be an indicator of their deteriorating health. Periodic grooming and cleaning sessions are important for preventing your pet from falling a host to the parasites mentioned above. Maintaining a healthy diet and taking expert suggestions on a regular basis can assist in improving your dogs health and avoiding serious fitness issues at an early stage.


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