iClean International

iClean International is based in Venray, the Netherlands. Our roots go back 100 years: the basis of our company was founded in 1919 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands (Saarloos Automotive Equipment B.V.).

iClean Carwash Technologies has 50 years of experience in car wash technology and dealing with water and waste water in particular. iClean Carwash Technologies is the marketleader in full biological water reclaim systems. We have been offering our famous stainless steel products for export for several decades. Ten years ago, we expanded our product range with the iClean Dog Wash, which became the global Dog Wash standard.

​In our new state-of-the-art facility, opened in 2006, we have everything under one roof:

Saarloos Automotive Equipment B.V.

iClean Carwash Technologies B.V.  

iClean International B.V.                  

New manufacturing facility

Following significant production growth the last few years iClean International has committed to the long-term future by expanding their operations.

In the beginning of 2019 iClean International increased their production capacity by the opening of a second manufacturing facility for the production and assembly of Dog Wash units.

iClean International is inviting customers and partners to visit the new manufacturing facility.

10 year History

Missions & Values

2008 – iClean Dog Wash ‘Classic’ (Rotary Dial)

2008 – iClean Dog Wash ‘Classic’ (Push Button)

2013 – iClean Dog Wash ‘Classic’ (Touch)

2016 – iClean Dog Wash ‘XL’ (Touch)
2016 – iClean Dog Wash ‘Futura’ (Touch)
2016 – iClean Dog Wash ‘Cube’ (Touch)

2017 – iClean Dog Wash ‘Basic’ (Push Button)

2018 – iClean Dog Wash ‘XL’ (Touch PLUS)
2013 – iClean Dog Wash ‘Futura’ (Touch PLUS)
2013 – iClean Dog Wash ‘Cube’ (Touch PLUS)

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