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People who have any kind of travel-related anxiety, miss out on a lot over the years. From missing birthdays, weddings to other important events, they are just left to watch from afar as the world goes on without them being a part of it. It may even hinder them from attending the funeral of someone who was close to them. This can be truly frustrating for the people suffering from this condition as it prevents them to be able to participate and experience all the things that travel has to offers. Fortunately, this is a condition that can be treated with relative ease. The sooner the better as this must not be the cause for someone to miss out on travel and all it has to offer. Pet Travel are known to help in fighting this condition so it may be time you got home a new puppy.

Pet Travel-What Is It?

Travel anxiety is more common than most people think. It is a specific type of anxiety that occurs before, during and after travel. This can make you panic and get overly worried, all without a definable cause. Anxiety is by far the most common mental health problem that people of today suffer from. It is estimated that close to a third of all Americans are suffering from this problem in some way or another.

What Causes It?

Travel anxiety can take root in many ways ranging from general anxiety about traveling to another country, the social anxiety that is the directly related to the interaction with new people from other countries to the pre-travel anxiety about the trip which is common with many new and inexperienced travelers.

Travel Related Anxiety

How Can Pets Help?

Instead of having to resort to heavy medications that will make you feel groggy all day, you can opt to take your pet with you on the trip. This may not always be practical based on the trip that you have planned but when possible, you must consider to take them along with you. Pets are known to bring the anxiety down just with their mere presence. This can have amazing effects on your body as well.

This is further proven by the statistics from a recent study that said that close to 74% of all pet owners reported an improvement in their mental health and 75% reported an improvement in the mental health of family and friends of the pet owner. Animal interaction has been known to significantly reduce cortisol (the stress hormone) which is known to induce or worsen pre-existing anxiety. Pets are not just known for reducing the release of cortisol but can also help in the secretion of endorphins (the feel-good hormone) in most people.

The other way in which pets are known to reduce anxiety and make us feel good is that they make us stay in the present and not linger in the past or anticipate the future. Having a pet travel is the best way to stay mindful of your surrounding and avoid the being consumed by the never-ending anxious thoughts. With dogs, you will need to give them a dog wash once in two weeks at minimum and for this, you can visit the automatic pet washing stations. These have dog wash machines that make this task much easier than if you do it at home.

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