How to prepare your canine buddy for a road trip

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During summer time, the popular favorite tradition is of hitting the open road in the car, whether it’s a mere weekend getaway or a longer vacation. But for pet parents, that exhilarating experience doesn’t come that easy.

Prepare Your Canine Buddy For A Road Trip

Instead of having to leave your furry friend behind, these tips and suggestions can help you to bring along your four-legged companion for the ride.

First things first, get your pet checked out. Before even loading up the car, a checkup with a veterinarian is a must to ensure that your pet is physically capable of handling the rigors of a road trip. Long hours spent idle in the car can take a toll on older animals who are not used to the stress of travel.

Once you’ve ensured that your pet is healthy enough to hit the road, try out some short drives to ensure he/she is comfy enough in the car. A trip to the suburbs or some destination a short distance away will give you a chance to check out his or her reaction and attitude.

Prioritize safety.

The iconic image of a road trip is a dog with his head out the window and the wind in his face. But be warned, it’s not a safe way to travel. Make sure your pet is safely inside the vehicle at all times.

It’s never smart to leave behind pets or children in locked cars. Your pet is also likely to be on high-alert due to the stress of traveling, so be sure to keep him by your side throughout the trip.

Ensure they have proper Identification tags on them. It’s always important that your pet sports an ID on its collar, but it’s even more important when out traveling in an unfamiliar area.

Even pets OK with traveling in the car will feel more comfortable inside a cozy carrier. A roomy and airy carrier with enough space can help serve as a calming presence in the event travel starts to get rough.

Plan wisely.

Not all hotels or accommodations are pet-friendly, so double-check that your stay allows furry friends. You also need to make sure that all of your planned activities are safe for your pets.


Enough supplies. In addition to the right clothes, accessories, and shoes for yourself, your four-legged companion too has needs to match. Make sure to take along enough proper food, water, and feeding bowls; treats for good behavior, toys for downtime and any other necessities that may help your pet comfortable away from home.

Leisure Time.

You may have planned plenty of activities for the vacation, but keep in mind the needs of your pet as well. Before starting off, look for parks or similar pet-friendly areas en-route to grant him enough playtime.

Your pet will likely need more frequent bathroom breaks than you while on the road. Mapping out pet-accessible stops can help you make a good time while keeping your pet comfortable.

With the tips given above, you can definitely hit the road this summer without having to leave your pet behind.

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Wendy Hendriks

Wendy Hendriks

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