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There is debating the fact that it is a hot summer this year. Everyone would prefer the weather to be towards the other end of the spectrum. The natural conclusion among pet parents when they see their dogs panting throughout the day due to the heat would be to shave them down especially if their dogs are a double-coated breed. This is a very bad idea. Here are a few reasons why you should never shave double coated dogs

Shaving Your Double Coated Breeds

Double coated dog breeds are those breed that have been adapted to the arctic weather. The long outer coat forms the outer layer which protects and guards them against the chilling snow and ice while the soft undercoat is located just over the skin to keep them dry and warm. During the winter, the undercoat gets really thick and it is quite hard to even find their skin.

When the summer emerges, they start shedding their soft undercoat until there is almost nothing left. This is done to facilitate cooling. This leaves just the guard hair of the outer protective coat that aids in protecting their skin from sunburns and acts as an effective insulator against the summer heat. Due to the absence of the undercoat, air can pass freely through to the skin helping them to cool their skin efficiently. 

Unlike the single coat breeds that have just one kind of hair that keeps growing back as and when it is cut double coated dogs breeds have specialized hair that just grows to a certain extent and doesn’t get any longer. It is ok to shave down breeds that just have a single coat as they can grow it back quickly without hindering their appearance. When it comes to double coated dog breeds, it is not a good idea to shave them as they are naturally adapted to handle the heat without you having to do anything to their fur coat. 

Bottom line, you can permanently ruin the coat of double coated dog breeds by shaving them even if it is done just once.

Coat texture changes after shaving Your Dog

After the double coated dogs is shaved, you will see new growth quite quickly but it is no longer the way it used to be before they were shaved down as far as the texture and appearance are concerned. This is because the new coat is a mix and match between the soft inner coat that grows quite quickly and the outer guard coat that is quite slow growing. The half-grown protective overcoat mixed with the fast-growing overcoat can look hideous as opposed to the appearance of their natural fur coat. 

How to keep Double Coated Dogs Cool

The best way to keep a double coated dogs cool during summer is to give them a regular dog wash preferably in the automatic dog wash machine or a professional groomer. These pet washing machines come prebuilt with good quality blow dryers that can remove matting and facilitate good ventilation in their coat. This can be maintained by brushing them down once every two days and bathing them once or twice in two weeks. 

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