Sick And Tired Of Doing Dog Wash The Old Way? Read This

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Change is the only constant, right?


It’s perhaps time we change the way we’ve known and done ‘dog wash.’ For years, the process of grooming and washing a dog has been termed tiresome and messy, but it does not have to be that anymore. The wave of change has finally struck the dog grooming industry, and the name of that wave is iclean dog wash. With iclean dog wash machines, we are revolutionizing the process of dog wash.


If you want to be a part of this revolution, read on.


iclean dog wash is the new and advanced way of cleaning and washing your dog. However, we would not term the purpose of our units as just cleaning but a way to enhance bonding and a process that not only cleans your dog but helps them relax. Moreover, the reasons to choose iclean dog wash go beyond that. Following are some of the ways iclean dog wash units that can benefit your dog grooming salon.

  • Increasing customer traffic

With iclean dog wash units, you’ll be attracting a whole new set of customers as the units are easy to use, and your customers can provide dog wash to their dogs on their own. In addition, the self-service aspect you may offer with our units might appeal to many people, according to our research, and help you soar your business. 

  • New revenue

New customers mean new revenue. Apart from your grooming services, the DIY dog wash service will bring in new revenue from customers who will visit your facility for the sole purpose of using one of our units. iclean dog wash units are a proven way of attracting new revenue. An additional source of revenue never harms anyone.

  • Low cost, high profit

An investment is only as good as the profit it generates. Iclean dog wash units are an excellent investment for any grooming salon as the units are priced at a low amount and can cause a high yield for you. 

  • Average R.O.I. = 1.5 years

The return on investment is an essential aspect of any business investment. iclean dog wash units will provide you with a substantial ROI in 1.5 years, a great time frame in the competitive market. 

  • Business all year round

The new way of doing dog wash will empower your business so that you’ll have customers coming in to avail your services all year long. The range of settings and options available in our units allow many people to bring in their dogs and clean their dogs their way.

  • Two-year warranty

Our units come with a warranty of 2 years and quality assurance. The warranty is an added benefit of the iclean dog wash units. It helps you to keep using our units without any hassles and keep treating dogs with love.

  • Little maintenance required

High quality and low maintenance needs – that’s what we strive for. The dog wash machines require minimal maintenance making iclean dog wash units the first choice of many grooming salons. The units will keep running and working without needing a lot of maintenance from your side.

  • No more dirty bathroom!

Of course, there is the option to clean your dog at home but washing your dog at home is a messy process that ends up with a shabby bathroom and wet floor. Secondly, the at-home dog wash stations are a lot of work and effort to build. So the sensible option here is to use the iclean dog unit and forget the dirty bathroom troubles once and for all.

  • For dogs of all shapes & sizes

We understand that dogs come in all shapes and sizes. Therefore, we offer a range of dog wash units with various functions to cater to every dog’s need to be cleaned. Thus, we have something suitable for every dog. 

When we say we have something for every dog, we mean it. We have an extensive range of dog wash unit variations from essential to spa levels to offer dog washes. 

Basic: iClean Dog Wash’ Basic’ is the Best Dog Wash budget on the market. With the same quality, Clean is known all over the world.

Only the best quality parts are used. We paid close attention to the minor details.

A complete self-in-one complete featuring entry for our customers!


Classic: iClean Dog Wash Classic is a descendant of Original Wash, where hundreds are already operating worldwide.

Clean International has redesigned the original dog Wash and updated it with quality car wash elements, an 11-inch touch screen (iPad size), and a 32-inch Full HD TV with many additional functions.


Classic Pro: The original Dog Wash appeared. Even Dog Wash is intended to explore new boundaries and discover new boundaries of expression. The new iClean Dog Wash Classic PRO has arrived. It has improved in previously unimaginable ways.

Presence, which comes with fame. We are drawing our legacy and our destiny so far.


CyberWash: iClean Dog Wash CyberWash 3000 is the latest addition to the iClean dog Wash family. iClean International has unveiled a new, refreshing, heart-new Dog Wash unit

future design. So if you are planning to open a pet store on planet Mars for the next ten years, the iClean Dog Wash CyberWash 3000 is the model of your choice!


XL: iClean International expects and responds to changing customer needs through evolution and innovation.

While iClean Dog Wash Classic is already one of the world’s best dog cleaners, we have received an application in the market to upgrade it.

A new Dog Wash model gives larger dogs more space and has a platform that allows the dog to rotate easily to enhance the washing experience.


Futura: The new iClean Dog Wash Futura leaves you with an unforgettable first impression. Futura has a large plate similar to the XL, which allows the dog to turn quickly and improve the washing experience. In addition, the design of the Futura far surpasses its electric exterior. Futura symbolizes everything that iClean dog Wash stands for and reminds us that iClean is burning a new track.

Futura is a dream machine in any way you look.


Cube: If you choose a machine with a compatible design, iClean Dog Wash Cube is a machine of your choice.

The Cube has the same large plateau as the XL and Futura, which allows the dog to turn quickly and improve its washing skills.

The iClean Dog Wash Cube is more than just a metal piece; everything built works a particular job to help ensure that you get the most out of this incredible machine.


Spa: The new iClean Dog Wash Spa is equipped with Spa style panels and wooden steps made of Bangkirai rain trees.

We have a variety of wood, stone, and tile designs to customize the Dog Wash unit; if you want us to use a particular color, that is also possible.


iClean Dog Wash Spa: The ultimate Spa experience!

Wendy Hendriks

Wendy Hendriks

This is Wendy Hendriks From iClean Internationals Ltd. Life-long learner, committed to working hard at self directed learning environment.

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