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Speed Drying Hack For Dogs

We are always looking for quicker ways of doing things. When washing your dog, getting them dried up quickly is something that would be convenient for all pet parents. Running around wet is not something that our pets enjoy either so it is in the best interest of the pet parents and pets to dry up as fast as possible. The most common way to achieve this by wrapping them in a dry towel in their natural resting position. This is the recommended method by Vets and groomers alike. Don’t cover their face completely as this may restrict their breathing and cause them immense discomfort. When pets rest for a while with the towel wrapped around them, the towel draws out excess moisture from their fur coat, making the drying process more efficient. This is a simple technique that works and speeds up the grooming process. There are special towels in the market like ‘The Absorber’ which is the best product for this application as it is built specifically for this purpose.

Wrapping – Why it is considered to be one of the best techniques to dry dogs.

Wrapping dogs in towels after dog wash is the same as a woman wrapping her wet hair in a towel after a shower. Just as the moisture is wicked out to the towel from a woman’s hair, the same thing happens with dogs as well. So this is a cheap and effective method to dry dogs as well. As an added bonus, with the amount of mess created from other grooming steps, the minimization of the mess with this method is a welcome change among the pet parents. Rather than letting them run around your home and shaking off the excess moisture and dead hair in all the nooks and crannies of the house, most of it will be contained in the towel that can be rinsed off and washed to be used again.

Speed Drying Hack For Dogs
Absorber – why it is better than just regular towels

If you are looking for an excellent performer for this task then there is nothing better than the product that was specifically made for this purpose – The Absorber. Why is this so? Through extensive research and development, the Absorber is a unique towel that has been formulated with a sponge-like texture that is uniform. This enables quick absorption of moisture from any surface it comes in contact with. This material absorbs water faster than microfiber and regular bath towels. Along with the quick absorption, this product is extremely soft and is gentle on your pet’s fur coat. The dead hair that sticks to the Absorber when drying shakes right off so you need not worry about clogged pipes in your washing machine.

All you need is just a single towel to dry out your pet completely as the Absorber can be wrung out and used multiple times as needed. As this product is relatively affordable and provides a lot of good features, this is the best way to fast track your dog’s drying process after a wash at home or an automated pet washing machines. These dog wash machines are available in most major cities and offer exceptional convenience to pet owners.

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