Summer Dog Care Tips

Just like humans, heat takes a toll on your dogs as well. If you have a dog under your care, you must keep them well hydrated to protect them from the heat. Experts also suggest that serving them food older than a day or more must be avoided at any cost.

Here are some other tips to keep your fur balls safe and healthy,


It goes without saying that dogs must never be taken out on walks during the scorching mid-day sun. The ideal time to take them for a walk during summer is early mornings and after the sun sets. As dogs cannot dissipate heat as efficiently as humans, they are extremely susceptible to heat. If their paws are exposed to hot concrete pavements and roads, they can develop cracks or burns. This can cause them pain and discomfort for prolonged periods.

We advise you to look for any cuts, discoloration or bruises on their paws. Of you find any injuries, you must treat them right away with some dog paw cream. If this is a frequent occurrence, consider making them wear dog socks to give their paws an added layer of protection.


It is better to avoid any long travels during the summer as it can get uncomfortable for your dogs. Cars can heat up considerably during summer. You must never leave your dogs in the car during stops as they can overheat rapidly.

Grooming and Spa

Dogs must frequently be groomed during summer to keep them cool and ventilated. You must not overdo it as, contrary to popular belief, their fur coat acts as an insulating layer by keeping the heat out of their body. During summer, their body oils can build up over their coat so they must be given frequent baths as well (no more than once a week). Dog wash has never been more straightforward. There are now sophisticated dog wash machines like the Iclean Dogwash Machine present all across the country which can make washing your pet a fun and enjoyable experience for both you and your dog. These Pet Washing Machines are all the rage now as they can help you avoid getting your bathroom all smelly and clogged with hair.

Sponge wipes and Brushing

It is an excellent habit to wipe your dog with a wet sponge and brush them every day during summer as this aids in keeping them relatively clean and increases the blood circulation while removing old dead hair and cells. It also keeps their coat from matting resulting in light and airy fur that looks pleasing to the eye and allows their skin to breathe better helping them cool off more efficiently. A cool dog is a happy dog.


It is recommended by experts to moisten their food to ensure they are well hydrated. You can even serve them healthy liquids like coconut water as it is rich in electrolytes. Always make sure that they have access to clean and cool drinking water at all times.

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