Taking care of dogs in summer

//Taking care of dogs in summer

Taking care of dogs in summer

You should be busy taking care of your skin this summer, but be sure to take time out to care for your pet dog as well. Summer is a tough time for dogs Just like for humans. Be it feeling dehydrated or getting heat strokes — it is very important that you take care of your dogs during humid weather. Here we have a few tips on summer care for your canine companions.

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Don’t expose your pets to the harsh sun

Whatever the season, it is a must to take your dogs out for walks at least once daily. At present, with the sun already at the peak early in the day, it is wise to take your dogs for a walk as early as possible in the morning. If you prefer to take them for a jog along in the evening, make sure it’s after the sunset. In both cases, always remember to keep in the shade when sunny outside.

Protecting dogs from heat strokes

Mercury levels are rising rapidly, even more so in the city. So, ensure your dog doesn’t fall prey to a heat stroke. Don’t ever leave your dogs alone in the car (even with windows open) since it generates a lot of heat at a quick pace. Also, a quick fix home remedy to cool them down is to rub some ice-cubes wrapped in a cloth on their bellies. It will bring the heat down fast.

Taking your dogs for a dip or swim

If you have the habit of going for a swim, be sure to take your dog along. As they are exposed to harsh rays throughout the daytime, it would be beneficial for them to take an occasional dip in the water as well. Dogs are great swimmers in a natural way, and you need not worry much about them.
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Monitor and control your dog’s diet

We humans can keep ourselves hydrated by eating watery fruits in summer. It is important to have a diet check for your dog as well. Have them drink water frequently and be sure to include summer friendly foods that help them cool off.

Grooming your pets

Pet parents can trim dog fur to keep their body light. Sunscreen is not only a must for us, but equally beneficial for dogs as well. When exposed for long to the sun, dogs get a burning or itching sensation. So it is wise to apply a sunblock lotion when you take your dog outdoors.


An all too frequent thunderstorm in summer can cause anxiety in a pet. It isn’t about the flashes of light or the loud sounds, but rather a buildup of static electricity in their fur coat. Using a dryer sheet can help with thunderstorm phobias. Rub a dryer sheet on the coat to absorb the static electricity. This can reduce or eliminate the pet’s discomfort and extreme anxiety.

First Aid

Warm weather means more time outdoors for pets that are accompanied with increased risks. Be prepared to deal with heat exhaustion, scalding, heat strokes, and insect bites.

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