The following basic commands shall give your puppy a firm foundation for any future training. Be sure to keep the training fun, short and end each session on a positive note.
Teach your Pets

Teaching a Dog To Heel

In traditional dog training, start off with your dog standing to the left of you. Hold a squeaky toy in your right hand and the leash in your left. Position your right arm across the front of your body so the toy is slightly in front and above your dog’s head. Your puppy should keep in step with you as he follows the toy.

Retain the puppy’s attention as you walk forward. Squeak the toy to get his attention if the puppy gets distracted and praise him if he looks up at you.

You can give him the toy after 20 or 30 seconds of attention to play with, then relax and try walking again. Gradually increase the time of walking together before gradually stopping the use of the toy.

Teaching a Dog To Sit

Start off by holding out a treat right in front of the pup’s nose. Say “Sit” as you slowly lift the food above his head. He will end up in a sitting position as he moves his head up to nibble. You can also put your other hand on his rump and guide him gently down into a sitting position. Praise him—and reward him with the treat—as soon as he is seated.

Teaching a Dog To Stay

Once your pet has learned the “Sit” command, put him in position on your left side, with the leash on. Turn to face him, slackening the leash. Hold your hand up to his face, with your palm open, and say “Stay.” Take one or two steps back, with the leash still slack. After a few seconds, return to where you were, and tighten the leash (just enough so he can’t jump up.)

Basics to teach your pet

If he gets up even before you have released him, calmly return him to the seated position. Use the same process as before and step away. It’s important that he figures out the right way to respond to one command at a time, so don’t repeat the verbal command more than once.

Teaching a Dog to Lie Down on command

Begin with him sitting next to the left of you. Kneel down and place your left hand on his shoulders and your right hand just behind his front legs. While pressing down gently on the puppy’s shoulders; scoop his front legs out until he is prone on the ground. Stroke his back to encourage him to relax and stay in that position. Then let him get up and praise him again. Eventually, he is going to lie down as soon as you give the command.

Always keep in mind to train your puppy with mild oral correction and lots of praise and rewards. If you both continue to work hard at training, someday you might end up as obedience champs!

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