A dog is a great companion to have. There are several things you can teach your children at any age about being responsible and caring for their pet dog. Whether it’s your kids who bullied you for a dog or you decided to get one on your own, caring for a pet can teach them a lot of responsibility.

Get them involved in finding the right pup for your family, and also make sure that they are involved in caring for the dog. Below are a few key ways that children of any age can be taught to help with pet dogs.

Allocate Age-Appropriate Tasks

There are several things a pet parent has to do, and getting the kids involved is highly recommended. However, when you dole out responsibilities, it is important that you assign it wisely. It’s probably not a good idea at all to send a five-year-old out on their own to walk the dog. Try and give them jobs they can get excited about and execute without any complications. This can be a great way of building their confidence.

As children get accustomed to their assigned responsibilities and complete them, be sure to commend them for it. This can be especially useful for younger children who value praise and will relate this to repeat behavior that you approve of.

Exercise and Enjoy

A dog needs lots of exercise to remain healthy and physical activity is great for the entire family as well. Instead of taking your pet out for a walk through the neighborhood, find innovative ways to make the time with your dog fun and active. A run around the baseball field, a game of fetch, or tumbling through the jungle gym at the park is a great way for the entire family to have a blast and to blow off steam.

Grooming Sessions

Unless you have your dog groomed every week, you will have to ensure that your pet is thoroughly washed and cared for. Although leaving the whole process of grooming to the kids can prove to be disastrous, you can turn it into a family affair. Elder kids can do the clipping and trimming while allowing the younger to do the scrubbing. Always try to do it outdoors as this ends up being messy and it’s easy to clean up the backyard than your bathroom.

Visiting the Vet

Your kids may hate visits to the pediatrician’s or dentist’s office, but they will definitely love tagging along with you to the vet. They not only get to see other pet animals but also learn about the importance of taking care of animals. Allow them to sit in and listen to the vet’s recommendations. They will learn about basic care tips during wellness sessions, about prescriptions for pain relief and the side effects on dogs, and alternative treatment methods. Your kids will be aware of what’s going on with their canine friends and how to provide them the best of care at home.

Those above are just a few pointers on several ways to educate your children on the responsibilities of owning a dog. However, the best way is always to let go and have fun.

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