Tech Gadgets For Pets (and Pet Parents!)

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Tech Gadgets For Pets (and Pet Parents!)

Pet parents all feel the guilt when they have to head to work every day, leaving their furry best friends behind at home all day. They constantly worry about the antics the little one is up to at home — whether he/she is hungry, has he/she wandered off, is he/she inactive or up-to some mischief and so on.

Tech Gadgets For Pets

No need for human parents to fret anymore, as technology is now ready to come to the rescue. Nowadays, you can keep an eye on your pet and his shenanigans while you are away, track exactly where he/she is and even feed him/her by way of apps and pet-friendly devices.

Chatting Online

Several devices and apps, like Dog Monitor, iC Pooch, PetChatz, and PetziConnect allow you to video call your pets, much like FaceTime. These consist of a wall-mounted device that incorporates a two-way video system and a compatible remote app on a desktop computer or mobile device. Owners can operate the entire system remotely via the app, even delighting your furry friends by doling out treats at the click of a button, all without leaving behind the number crunching at the office.

Tracking Activity

You probably have an activity tracker for yourself. However, it’s equally or even more important that your pet is active as well. Modern day pet activity trackers like PitPatPet, Fitbark, and Whistle can be attached to the collar and monitor your dog’s everyday activity. You can even prescribe targets for health and fitness goals and compare the activity online with other similar pets. They can also track changes in behavior (activity, play time and rest) so that you can make better-informed decisions with your vet.

GoPro for Pets

If you have always wanted to know where your pet runs off to for the most part of the day, or what your pooch does all day when you are not around? Wished you could keep an (eagle) eye on them? Well, you can now do just that with pet collars that have a camera attached to them. You just need to charge it up, insert a memory card and record videos or take pictures.

Tech Gadgets For Pets

GPS Tracker

For those worried about their pets getting lost or running away from home, a collar equipped with a GPS tracker is just the solution to put their mind at ease. GPS pet trackers help monitor where your pet is by sending signals to pinpoint the exact location of your pet, while also allowing you to track them using audio and visual cues. The trackers can be monitored via SMS, the internet or via mobile apps. You can also train pets to return home on demand.

Remote Feed

Gadgets like Petnet let you feed your pet from anywhere using your smartphone. This is a great way to ensure that your pet gets its meal at the right time during the day, even when you are not present.

Play from Afar

Devices like the Pet Cube let you interact with your pet while you are away, even playing games with a laser pointer. This way you get to keep your pet company even when you are not at home, through your smartphone. It also lets you encourage your pet or even scold them for mischief.

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