Things Every Pet Groomer Wants You To Do

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You’re all set to drop off your dog at the groomers. That’s all to it: Your pooch will be pampered and spruced up by the end of the session.

But have you ever considered a little help that can make the process go a lot smoother for both your pet and its groomer? In addition to making the groomer’s job a lot more easier, it can also be essential for your dog’s physical and emotional well-being.

Mentioned below is a list of things to help you do just that.

Readying your dog

A groomer’s worst nightmare is having to deal with a dog who is not used to being groomed. All the more crucial to start getting your pet used to being cared for. The best time to start doing that is when your dog is just a puppy, and you don’t have to take much effort. At times the grooming experience can be somewhat traumatic for dogs. Thankfully, puppies are much more adaptable.

Regular Brushing

You should think about your dog’s fur, the same way as your own hair. Your hair will get knotty unless you brush your hair frequently. The same applies to your dog’s fur coat. You should brush your pet at least once every few days to prevent knots and make the overall grooming experience easier.

Checking your Pup

Keep a watch on the feet (including nails) and ears of your pup. Debris can build up in these areas and can turn pretty uncomfortable for pets.

Keep Calm and Carry On

Stay calm and firm when you drop off your pooch at the pet salon. Remember that dogs can sense and will pick up on any anxiety you display. This will only make him apprehensive and more fidgety. Similarly, don’t drop in to check on your pet midway. This will only get him excited and turn the job much more difficult.

Be Specific

Groomers work with a lot of dogs over a day, each a different requirement. Try to be specific with your needs. It’s fine if you just need the nails clipped and the coat trimmed a little. If you want something more unique, try showing a picture to the groomer. You can find a variety of different cuts, on the internet or by attending a dog show.

Listen to Your Groomer

Professional groomers would have had adequate training which some people tend to forget. He probably has an excellent idea of the types of styles that may look best on your pet. So if your groomer suggests something different from what you had in mind, give the suggestion some thought even if you don’t end up opting for the same.

Avoiding Washes

Some pet parents worry that washing their dog’s too often will have the skin dry out. However, it is not a serious problem as long as you select the right shampoo. Ask your groomer for advice, who will be glad to help, as frequent washing will make their job much easier.

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Wendy Hendriks

Wendy Hendriks

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