Tips for bathing long-haired dogs

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Tips for bathing long-haired dogs

Tips for bathing long-haired dogs like Afghan Hound, Yorkshire Terrier, Alaskan Malamute, or German Shepherd, whichever long-coat dog breed you have, bathing them would be a hassle. In general, such breeds don’t need frequent dog fash, and taking them to a pet washing machine four times a week is enough. But it is essential to groom that beautiful core, which can be an exhaustive chore. 

Here are a few tips that would help you Bathing long-haired dogs  Fido in a dog wash machine quickly and effectively. 

Remove the tangles before bathing

One of the common problems of Bathing long-haired dogs have is tangling hair. If you take your pet to a pet washing machine without untangling his hair, they are most likely to get worsened by the soapy water. Therefore, make sure you remove all tangles and mats in your dog’s fur prior to shampooing. Use a slicker brush to untangle the hair quickly. Additionally, give your dog a good overall brushing with a bristle brush, which will minimize shedding in the pet washing machine. It would, therefore, make it easy for you to get your dog wash done quickly without bothering about hairs in the dog wash machine, towels, and on the floor. 

Praise your dog

This step is rather psychological for your dog but plays a vital role in making the Bathing long-haired dog wash process quick and pleasant. Most long-hair breeds reluctance to water, and keeping them calm and praising them for their good behavior is essential to make the dog wash experience comfortable for your dog. Ignore any bad behavior your Fido makes, and appreciate him for behaving well. You can also keep a leash or nylon collar handy to control your deg during bathing. 

Bath your dog the right way

If all you do is rush your dog into the pet washing machine and surprise with a high-pressure spray of cold water, you are not only harming his skin and fur but frightening your dog mentally as well. In order to perform a dog wash properly, follow these simple tips.

  • Fill the pet washing machine with lukewarm water.
  • Gently lead your dog in the dog wash machine
  • Begin by wetting his fur by either using water cups or low-pressure water spray.
  • Begin the dog wash from the back of your pooch’s head, and gradually move down the body.

Use the right shampoo

You should be careful and selective about the products you use on your dog’s body. Get in touch with your vet and get soap or shampoo that works best for your Fido’s breed. When applying the shampoo, rinse it with warm water, and then start applying it from the back of the head and mode down the body. After getting out of the dog wash machine, apply conditioner to your dog’s fur to avoid dryness, dandruff, and tangles.  

Wrapping it up

Dog wash for long-coated dog breeds can be a hassle. Follow the tips mentioned above to ensure your dog has a pleasant experience in the pet washing machine. Also, pay significant attention to the products you use as they play a vital role in keeping your pooch’s fur healthy.

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