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Tips To Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer

Just like us humans dogs are susceptible to the harsh weather that entails with the arrival of summer. It is essential to take care of them especially when the sun is at its highest position during summer days. Here are some tips on how to help your dog beat the heat this summer,

Keep Them Indoors

Dogs have a very inefficient system of cooling themselves. They can just pant and sweat through their paws to cool themselves. This is not nearly enough when they are outdoors during the hottest times of the day. We advise you to keep them indoors, safe from the blazing summer sun. These temperatures can cause heat stress or any other kind of permanent damage. It is even known to be fatal for some. Even when they are kept indoors ensure that the place where they are kept is well ventilated. Stagnant rooms can build up temperature quickly.

Access To Fresh Drinking Water And Shade

Ensure they have access to ample fresh drinking water at all times. Like us humans, dogs can dehydrate as well. With adequate access to water, they can remain hydrated. There must also be plenty of shade for dogs that are kept outside the house. Without shade, they will be at the mercy of the sun. Take into account the shifting of the sun along the course of a day to plan a shady area for your dog accordingly.

Don’t Force Them To Run

It is better to take your dog on walks rather than making them run alongside you when you are biking. Limit all their running activity during summer. Dogs usually collapse before taking a break from running. At which point it may be too late to revive them without them getting some sort of permanent damage. This does not mean you stop taking them out to exercise altogether. You must take them out on walks during the cooler times of the day which is in the morning and evenings. Remember that the pavements tend to heat up quickly during summer. Test the temperature of the pavement surface by placing your hands on it, if it is too hot to touch then it is too hot for their paws as well. Swimming is an excellent exercise for your dog during summer. It keeps them cool while getting them sufficient exercise

Wash Them Regularly

Summer is harsh on your dog’s fur as it can cause them to start smelling quickly. To keep their smell at bay, make it a point to wash them regularly, at least once a week. The dog wash is no more a chore that you must loathe. Dog Wash Machines make it very simple to wash them. These Pet washing machines are quite economical as well so they won’t burn a hole in your wallet every time you use them. As an added bonus you don’t need to endure the doggy smell in your tub. You will have the bathroom all to yourself.

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