Dogs are awesome pets and companions thanks to their friendly and jovial nature. But if left uncontrolled, their enthusiasm and energy can prove to be a headache. Jumping up at people may be a sign of innocent friendship, but it can catch people by surprise. Especially if you have one of the larger breeds, their strength and size can unwittingly prove a hazard if you have young kids and elderly people in your household. All dogs need a healthy dose of discipline and jumping up is an undesirable behavior that should be curbed, both for the safety of humans as well as the dog.

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dog wash blog 27th julyThe Psychology Behind the Action

Dogs are extremely social animals who feel at home in a well-knit group or pack. For the domesticated dog, his family of humans is his pack. Jumping up humans is not usually a sign of aggression or violent intent. Dogs usually jump around to gain the attention of their leader, you. And they also jump when they are euphoric. Also, dogs seek scent signals for communication. Your pooch may just be trying to get closer to your face and mouth for a sniff or two!

How to Discourage the Jumping

Regardless of the reason, you have to teach the dog that jumping is not a trait you approve. As always, using violence or pain to train dogs is not a good idea and must be avoided at all costs. There are always humane approaches to training your dog not to jump:

  • Be a model for your dog to emulate: If you want your dog to behave in a calm way, you have start by showing it yourself. If you display excited and energetic behavior every time you see the dog, it will respond in kind. Don’t indulge in exuberant/overtly playful behavior, stay calm and let the dog take clues from you.
  • Give it the “cold shoulder” treatment: Never give dogs acknowledgment for any unwanted attention seeking behavior like jumping up. That will just serve to reinforce such behavior. Ignore them and walk away when they jump on you. And reinforce positive behavior by praising them and giving them treats when they calm down.

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  • Take away their need to jump up: Just lean down so that they can reach your face without putting their paws on you. Let them sniff you and exchange signs of welcome. Pat and praise them at this time. And if they start jumping up again once you return to normal posture, discourage them consistently by ignoring them.
  • Use a short leash during walks: Jumping up while walking can be a hassle and a serious risk of having your dog on the loose. Discourage this by keeping your dog on a short leash. Don’t use excessive force to yank at it, but be firm and let the dog know that jumping is not tolerated.
  • Tire your dog out: and we by that we mean in a positive way, through exercise! Over-exuberant behavior is often a way for a dog to let out pent up steam. Give her an outlet with extended runs or vigorous games.
  • The importance of catching them young: this is always the case when it comes to training and dogs. Although they can be trained at any age, it is relatively hard to train them when they are old. The time and effort involved in training will increase exponentially with their age. So start the training when they are still puppies.

Training your dog is never an easy task, nor is it a quick one. Use several of the techniques mentioned above together to get the best results.






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