Why You Should Train Your Pup For Grooming(?!)

Our canine friends are adorable creatures who not only deserve homes and families who provide them with affection, but also bath and groom them properly! Loving your furry friends requires detailed attention on properly cleaning their bodies at the dog wash and also pamper them with bathing essentials that they will truly enjoy.

Grooming your pet is not just about keeping them clean or have them looking good. Grooming is also about maintaining your pet’s physical health in addition to the appearance. Every pet parent should pay attention to even the tiniest detail that can turn out to be a big deal for the condition of your pet.

To benefit the most from this, you should train your pet to bear with the grooming procedure from the time it is just a puppy. If you wait too long, your puppy may not be agreeable to grooming sessions later on, especially in matters such as nail clipping and ear cleaning or even a dog washing station.

This aspect can be more important for long-haired breeds, who might require more intense grooming in contrast to short-haired ones. It definitely takes more time and effort to brush long fur and dogs will need to get used to staying still for the duration. So it’s better to start off training them at as early an age as possible.

Brushing and regular baths are beneficial for all breeds of dogs, helping remove dead hair, dandruff and dirt. Regular brushing also helps in bringing out the natural oils in a dog’s body surface. While brushing, these oils spread over your puppy’s fur coat giving it a healthy sheen.

One can start grooming a pup as young as three weeks old. Some experienced breeders even begin acquainting their litters with grooming and pet wash tubs before they move onto their new homes. They are already used to it by the time they are picked up by their parents.

One other major benefit of grooming is that it allows one to check the dog for any abnormal conditions. These include problems such as fleas, ticks and dry patches on the skin or any problem with nails, ears, teeth and eyes such as infections or inflammation. If discovered in early stages, these problems can be easily treated before they turn more serious.

All said, regular grooming and visits to the local dog wash will help keep your dog healthy and happy while giving you and your pet some quality time together. This also has the benefit of saving on veterinary bills. So it’s always better to not delay and start grooming your pup as early as possible. Remember, grooming your pet isn’t only for beautification, but also of crucial importance in keeping them healthy and sanitary.

Training them will also help you master the basics and complexities, and also the specifics of your particular breed, be it small, medium or large. Keep in mind that 2018 is the Year of the Dog. So if you are thinking of getting a pup or a pair then this is the best time for it.

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