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Traveling with Pets – How To Keep Them Clean

If you are someone that likes taking your dog out with you on your vacation then you need to know a few tips and tricks to keep them clean while traveling with pets throughout the duration of the journey. If you are traveling by car then inevitably, they are bound to jump around the car with their dirty feet. It is your responsibility to some keep non-toxic wipes and other cleaning tools close at hand to wipe down any surface that might get dirty. 

Pro Tip – We advise you to invest in a product that protects your car seat from pre-mature wear and dirt from the bare feet of the dogs running around all over the place.   

Dog Wash on Road Trips

Most places you stay along the way will have a proper bathroom but it may not be convenient or practical for you given your dog a regular bath while you are traveling with pets. If you keep them clean you wouldn’t need to wash them throughout the duration of the trip. So here are some tips and tricks to ensure that they remain clean, fresh and smelling good.

Dog Wash
Regular Brushing on traveling with pets

Brushing your furry companion once a day will go a long way in keeping them clean. It doesn’t matter if you wash your dog in a bathtub or by any other alternative method, you must brush them well before you wash them. This will ensure that all the loose hair and dead skin is removed. The agitation of their fur will also ensure that during the dog wash, their fur is cleaned adequately. 

Pet Wipes/Baby Wipes

With pet wipes or baby wipes, you can clean up certain filthy areas quickly without having to go through the hassle of a complete wash. This is the best quick fix when they have dirtied themselves in an instant and you want a quick fix to clean them. Some pet parents that wash their own dogs regularly will know a few areas of the dogs that smell more than others. These areas can be wiped down with pet wipes to reduce their stench for those traveling in a closed air-conditioned car. 

Waterless Shampoo

Yes, these do exist are quite popular with ‘on the go pet parents.’ These waterless shampoos come in various forms – spray, powder, and foam. To use this product on your dog, you must first brush down your dog completely and then apply this all around their body and wipe it down thoroughly with a towel. Make sure that it is wiped down well without leaving any excess residue. 

Automatic Pet washing Machines

These are by far the best option, if you can find them in the areas where you are traveling with pets. With these dog wash machines, you can be sure that your dog is as clean as it can be in just a few minutes. The other great advantage to this is that the amount of work involved is reduced greatly while the end result is better than that of a dog that is washed at home.

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