Trying to be friendly with your dog?

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If you are trying to be your beloved pet’s friend, you need to be patient enough. Seeing him showering love on you every morning will woo your heart. Seeking a way to love him back, right? Well, there are many ways to make your beloved pet feel that you love him and you do care for him. 

Few easy easy tips to be friendly with your dog :

Be the Alpha

Dogs feel secure when they have a master. Once you become his master, you can teach him everything. You need to ensure the fact that in this process of domination, you must not lose his friendship. Doing this will not only strengthen the friendship but also respect for each other.

Cling to him

When you are at home spend more time with him. Try to get down on the floor so that you guys can have direct eye contact which will indeed elevate your dog’s power. After getting down to his level, rain him down with your filial love and affection. 

Play with him

Playing with him will make him more acquainted with you. He will enjoy the game of fetch certainly. Play fetch with anything that he can get in his mouth and retrieve for you. You can grab a tennis ball, bone, stick or any other appropriate toy for this.

Flyball is also a fun game for him. It’s an advanced version of the fetch where your dog will be engaged in a relay race. If your dog can swim, you can take him on a beach and if it is dog friendly, you can make your day perfect by playing all the beach games with him.

Praise him

Rather than resorting to treats, praise your dog for good behaviour. It’s of great importance to make sure that you take every opportunity to make your pet feel loved for all the wonderful things he does each day.

Go on a walk date

Head out with your beloved friend for a brisk walk. It will not only be a good exercise for him but also a change in the scenery. This will make bonding with your dog go deeper.

Hide and seek 

 Your dog will love to brag about his smelling sensation which is exceptionally sharp. So why not test your pet’s skill by playing a classic game? You can sneak off to the perfect hiding spot and call out his name so that he comes to find you. It’s got to be fun!

Kiss him, pat him

Your dog will love to be petted by you every morning after waking up. Report says that kissing him every night before retiring to bed with him and waking up to see him lying by your side gives the best feeling. Your dog will make him your best friend if you give him a 24/7 company.


When you leave for work leaving your dog all alone, he feels alienated. If you pet another dog or at least bring another dog to his vicinity for the sake of your little friend’s happiness, he will no longer yearn for a companion. Two dogs can get along well.  This will also reduce the hostility between you and your dog.

Wendy Hendriks

Wendy Hendriks

This is Wendy Hendriks From iClean Internationals Ltd. Life-long learner, committed to working hard at self directed learning environment.

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