Ways to Keep Your Pets Keep Cool This Summer

//Ways to Keep Your Pets Keep Cool This Summer

Ways to Keep Your Pets Keep Cool This Summer

Nowadays summers are getting increasingly hot which can be dangerous for animals, particularly those who live with us as pets. However, there are a number of steps that pet parents can take to keep their pets safe when temperatures soar.

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few months ago, as much as 14 dogs died in a truck after the vehicle’s air conditioning unit failed. The dogs were in Ohio to participate in a dog show. Unfortunately, the trainer left the animals unattended in the truck for a couple of hours. Such incidents underscore the important need for owners to pay careful attention to their pets during the hot season.

These unfortunate instances serve as a reminder for not only people with pets but also who are responsible for children and elderly relatives. Simply being out in a car in the open during summertime without proper ventilation or an air conditioner can be dangerous, and we need to take all proper precautions possible.

Here are a few tips for keeping safe this summer:

  • Never leave animals unattended in a parked car. According to the Humane Society, on an 85-degree day (pretty standard these days), temperatures inside a car parked in the sun can reach 120 degrees in about half an hour.
  • Try and keep your pets indoors if possible. It’s better than leaving them outdoors in sheds or garages because these structures too can turn scorching hot inside.
  • If you must have to leave pets outside, make sure that there’s plenty of cold water as well as shady and airy spots for them to rest. Trees or large areas covered with tarps are the best.
  • Be extra careful when taking a walk with your dog on a hot day. If you must walk your pet outdoors during daylight hours, it’s best to do so early in the morning or less preferably in the evening. It’s also better if you walk your dog on grass because hot pavements and asphalt can burn their paws.

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  • Dog owners should exercise particular care with certain breeds in the hotter seasons. Flat-faced dogs in general, such as Pugs or English Bulldogs can overheat rapidly because they can have trouble cooling themselves by panting enough. And white-haired dogs may well be at increased risk of skin cancer.
  • One extremely handy tip to help your pets stay cool is to put ice cubes in their water bowls and keep the water out of the sun.
  • Also of help would be items such as cooling body wraps, vests or mats that can also help keep your pet cool outdoors.

At times your pet dog might be suffering from excessive heat after a trip outdoors. Here’s how to cool him down. Let him stand in a shallow cool pool. Aside from panting, this is a way that dogs cool down – through the sweat glands in their paws. Even giving them a quick foot soak can help lower their body temperature rapidly. Spraying some cold water on your dog’s chest and belly can be of help as well.

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