Dog grooming

What to look for in a dog grooming service?

Your Dog is very precious to you and is a part of your family. If you are looking for dog grooming, you ought to choose the best one. There are numerous service providers but, not all are as credible as they claim to be.

Why is it important to choose the best dog groomer?

The best dog groomer will have the best equipment like top-class pet washing machine, imported products, hypoallergenic materials and so on. This will help your dog to have a clean and safe experience. Improper Dog Grooming or mishaps during grooming can cause serious problems. It is not just about a bad hair cut. Your dog should not end up getting hurt. Anyone with a pet washing machine is not a reliable groomer. How to choose the best one? Below are a few tips that would help you with the same. 

Consider Certain Factors While Choosing Experts

  • Certified professional -You must ensure that you are taking to your dog to certified professional dog groomers. A certified groomer would know how to take care of a sensitive dog, a tantrum-throwing one and so on. They would have experience in dealing with all breeds of dogs. 
  • Inclusion of services – Ensure that the pet grooming service you are choosing is offering you a holistic service. It is not enough to get basic services. Ask for additional services including hair or nails art, tooth care, and others. Every dog groomer in the market is holding a pet washing machine to clean the dog but, that does not mean it is a holistic service. Apart from dog wash and hair cut, there are numerous elements of grooming. Talk to your service provider to know their list of services. 
  • Sanitation and facilities – Say, your groomer has a dog wash machine. How hygiene is it? Check out the floors, equipment, and other areas. Check out the facilities available to pacify the dog and medical facilities in case of any unfavorable accidents 
  • Reasonable service cost – After considering these things, you need to know how much you would be paying per session. Do a comparison with three or more service providers and choose the best option out of it. 

Mobile and home-visit groomers

Dog groomers can help you a lot in taking care of your pet. Now there are some situations where you may expect mobile dog groomers as well as home-based services. In such cases, you should know how they operate outside their stores. Do they bath the dog by mobile dog wash machine? Will they be bringing equipment for dog washhair brushing/cutting, nail trimming, ear cleaning, and others? Most of them have custom-made pet washing machine to clean your dog. Will their dog wash machine be able to fit your dog (in case of large dog breeds)?   

A dog wash machine can only wash your dog. How patient is your groomer when it comes to washing the dog? After the dog wash, how is he managing the dog? Is your dog comfortable with him? Are you looking for just a dog wash or a holistic spa service with massage and others? The bottom line is, it is not possible to see a groomer and decided whether he is best or not. Filter out the bad ones and use trial and error method. 


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