What Makes a Pet Groomer Great?||Knowledge About the Pets

A pet is mostly as a family member. Pet owners want to cater to all their needs. One such need is grooming. It is an important aspect of having a pet. Whether it is pet grooming, nail trimming, or getting the pet adorable haircuts, pet owners look for the best pet groomers. But what decides whether a groomer is good or not?

Knowledge About the Pets

Knowledge About the Pets

Professional pet groomers have in-depth knowledge about the breed and characteristics of the pets before they start treating them. This allows them to tailor their services according to the needs of the pet and charge the proper price.

It would not be reasonable to charge the same for washing a greyhound and a chihuahua even if a dog wash machine is used.

It also allows them to know which equipment to use. Even if one can use the same pet washing machine for several pets of various breeds, the same cannot be said for other equipment as well.

Sanitizing their pet grooming equipment

If you think a professional grade Dog Wash Machine is cheap, it is not. They need to be properly taken care of to last a long time. Unsanitized machines may also be detrimental to the pets’ health. 

Not only the Pet Washing Machine but the bathing tubs, tables, grooming stations also need to be sanitized. The general rule is to spot clean between appointments and deep clean at the end of the day.

If they wash a dog with fleas or ticks, the equipment and stations are thoroughly cleaned before the next dog wash.

They Experiment with New Techniques and Trends In pet grooming

The great grooms dedicate themselves to a life of learning their art. Many groomers take classes and graduate from pet grooming schools, with the assumption that they have learned everything. However, certification means that they can work with the technology prevalent then. Just because they could give a dog wash with a dog washing machine 10 years ago, does not mean that they do not need to keep learning about the new pet washing machine. The pet grooming industry is dynamic and to stay relevant groomers need to keep learning.

They attend all the pet grooming shows and conventions, where the experts share their knowledge, the newest trends are talked about, and even established groomers can learn new skills!

Prioritizing the Pet

The client is said to be always right. But that’s not the case. Most of the time, clients trust the knowledge of the groomer about the needs of their pets and what is best for them. But sometimes, they may request something that might not be suitable for the pet or may even harm them.

A groomer’s first priority is always the welfare of the pet instead of meeting the demands of the owners. They trust their expertise to deny the request of the owners and specifically inform them how it could hurt the pets or cause problems. 

Educate Pet Owners

The great pet owners also do their best to educate the pet owners on the various needs of the pets and how the owners can care for them. Such as educating new dog owners on how they can give a dog wash or if they should get a dog wash machine. 

New owners want to buy the best products for their pets. The groomers educate them on which products to get and which they can leave out. Having special pet shampoo is a must but having a pet washing machine at home is not a necessity.

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