We know you would bring your dog everywhere you go if you could, but it is just not possible sometimes. Life might take you somewhere your dog cannot tag. When you need to leave your best friend for a few days, there are many options for night care. Kennels and rides may work for certain dogs, but they are not always suitable for all canines. If your dog easily gets nervous or comes out of the rescue, they can do better if they get all-night care at home.

In addition to your trip, there are some things you should share with your dog sitter ​​before you leave. Communication with whoever you hire is important, even if they have age information, each house and dog are different. 

Here are the top 5 things you should share with your dog sitter before you leave so that your dog can be taken care of in the best manner while you are away.

Leave your information sitter with your contact details

Most dog planners will contact you by phone and will have your cell phone number. But you should also leave some important contact details in case you do not hear your phone, or do not have it with your person when your dog organizer tries to reach you. Your contact list should include: Your mobile number Name and your hotel number Your vet details A trusted friend, family member, or neighbor

Make sure you talk about your dog’s allergies

Does your pooch have food allergies? Are there any medications your dog needs to keep? Write down all of your stays, because you do not want your child to lose weight or eat anything that should not be done. Also write down the names of your dog’s food and handling products when they are no longer in their original packaging, as well as the pet store you usually do if your organizer needs to fill out the feed. And if your dog has unusual eating habits, you will want to let your roommate know about it. This list should include Allergies and diets Medicines and conditions Names of food products and veterinary store management that you frequently visit. Unusual eating habits

Provide a detailed breakdown of your dog’s daily routine

Every dog ​​is different and each canine has its daily routine, so be sure to give your editor a detailed descent into your pup program. If your dog sitter will only arrive during the day, then some changes may need to be made. But if they are going to stay in your home for the rest of your trip, then they will be able to stick to your dog’s routine. Having the same plan will provide your comfort and help them to cope better with your absence. Be sure to tell your planner about your dog: Feeding schedule Travel schedule and Potty timetable Sleep Time Bedtime

Explain what your dog can / cannot do in the house

Even if you are not, the house rules are still there. Are there rooms or furniture restricted to your child? Let your editor know what your dog is and he is not allowed to do it. You don’t want your furry friend to take any bad habits while you’re gone, and you don’t want them to get into trouble by doing something acceptable to you. Write down any rules you use for your child. The list of rules can include things like OK to sit on the sofa Not allowed in the laundry room No digging in the yard, use the command “no digging”

Any other information that might help them get out

Other information you may want to share with your organizer before you leave may include: Any security codes you will need to enter and exit. Where the backup key is hidden, in case they are locked out. Garbage and scanning renewal dates, so they know when to pick up trash and prevent it. Potential visitors may be present, such as cleaning the house or garden. Stores for cleaning and cleaning supplies. You know everything about your dog, from their schedule to their quirks, but your organizer doesn’t. Make sure you equip them with all the information they need to give your child the best possible care.