When to wash the dog bedding

When to wash the dog bedding

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Can you imagine the feeling you get when you are sleepy and want to tuck yourself in the bed, but your bed sheets are dirty, and it smells of body oils and sweat? If yes, then that is how your dog feels when it goes to sleep in its bed. If no, then that is because you remember to keep your place of sleeping clean and pleasant smelling but forget about your dog. Dogs like to sleep on clean bedding as much as you do.

They deserve a nice cozy bed to cuddle themselves in and sleep. You must be thinking that you let your dog sleep with you on your bed or couch, so you think you have nothing to worry about and that you are out of the woods. But the reality is that your dog needs a bed for itself because, personal space. Dogs love their personal space, and as you claim to be their friend or a parent, you must respect that. You wouldn’t let your kid keep sharing the bed with you no matter how much you love him, then why the dog? If you haven’t already, then buy a comfortable bed for your dog to sleep in and then clean it regularly.

Why is there a sudden fuss about clean the dog bed?

A dirty bed invites several health risks, diseases, and issues. It is literally like inviting dirt to your dog’s bed. If the dog bedding has not been cleaned in a while, we advise you to fire up the washing machine immediately because that bed may have become the home for fleas and bacteria. Flea eggs can drop out of your dog’s coat and lay deep into his bed, where they hatch and mature. Some intestinal parasites like tapeworm segments can end up in the dog’s bed, and so can the fungal spores that lead to ringworms. Humans are not immune to these bugs and bacteria. Your dog’s dirty can very well harm you too. The bugs that can attack your dog cause bites, irritation, and infection can do the same to you too.

Importance of clean bedding

An unhygienic living environment for your dog can lead to many diseases.

Tapeworm: If your dog by mistake eats infected fleas or it gets dropped in its food, it will cause tapeworm. The symptom of tapeworm is weight loss.

Campylobacter: Dogs may show no signs of such infected food-related infection other than diarrhea.

Rabies: Although it is rare, Rabies is a virus. An infected dog bite can be severe, if not treated immediately.

Roundworm: The disease is a result of the ingestion of roundworm eggs. It is most common in children and can lead to inflammation in the eyes, and the worst-case scenario is blindness.

How often to clean the bedding

The frequency of cleaning the dog bedding must be determined by how does it uses the bed. For example:

  • If your dog indulges in activities like rolling in poo or mud and then transfer it to its bed
  • In case your dog has any allergies- bacterial/fungal. Allergies mean that your dog’s bed has bacteria and fungus too, which can cause recurring allergies.
  • Your allergies or the allergies of a family member mean more frequent washed for the bedding because for the same reason
  • Shedding is a determining factor too. The more hair your dog sheds, the more you must wash its bedding.

To give general advice, your dogs’ bed should be washed once a week and twice a week. The presence of the above factors increases the dog’s chances of getting sick so if any of the factors are present then make it a regular thing to wash the bedding. If the bed smells it needs to be washed, that is common sense. If your dog walks on the sandy or muddy path it is likely to transfer that dirt to the bed, so wash it then.

When to wash the dog bedding

Tips to keep the dog bed clean

The regular cleaning of the dog bed is necessary to prevent health risks for the dog as well as the family members. Regular surface cleaning can save you the trouble of frequent deep cleaning. A few tips can be followed to keep the dog bed clean for a longer period:


  1. Make it a regular habit to vacuum the dog bed when you vacuum the floors in your house.
  2. Let the sunlight do its bacteria-killing magic. Put the bed in the spot where direct sunlight hits at least once a week to kill bacteria and remove stale smell.
  3. Sprinkle some baking soda over the bed or the bed cover if you use that and leave it in for a few hours before you vacuum the powder.
  4. Cover the mattress or bedding with a removable waterproof cover. It will protect the bedding from stains.
  5. Clean bedding can only be maintained with a clean dog. Regularly bathe and groom your dog to reduce the amount of hair in your home.
  6. Wash the paws as soon as you reach home after an outdoor walk. If they have dirt debris struck between paws, it will clear out.
  7. Apple Cider Vinegar helps to sanitize the bedding. Mix water and cider in equal parts and use the solution to wipe the bed and the bed work to sanitize it and prevent the development of flea larvae.
  8. Spot clean the stains using warm water with a mild detergent.

The cleanliness of the dog bed is crucial for their health and yours, too! The place where the dog sleeps should be clean and eventually sanitized. Therefore, we strongly recommend you to deep cleanse your dog bedding from time to time. Use the tips above to let it stay clean longer, and for everyone’s benefit!


Wendy Hendriks

Wendy Hendriks

This is Wendy Hendriks From iClean Internationals Ltd. Life-long learner, committed to working hard at self directed learning environment.

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