Why Should Dog Owners Not Allow Their Dogs to Go Out?||Why Should Dog Owners Not Allow Their Dogs to Go Out?

Why Should Dog Owners Not Allow Their Dogs to Go Out?

Amid the COVID-19 outbreak and lockdown in several countries, many dog owners are opting to stay at home instead of taking their dog for walks or dog wash at a pet washing machine. However, some interesting visuals have also emerged where pet dogs are taking a walk themselves. While it may be a good idea for humans to avoid coming in contact with other people, this model is not entirely safe. 

Let’s take a look at why you should ensure your dog stays at home. 

No contact restrictions

You know the severity of COVID-19, but your dog doesn’t. If he goes out for a walk and a stranger offers him a biscuit, he will most likely not refuse. While the person offering the biscuit may have kind intentions, he might be suffering from COVID-19. When giving your dog a biscuit, the person may also cuddle or play with your dog for a while, thereby transferring the virus particles on the fur of your dog. And although dogs are not the direct carriers of the coronavirus particles, the virus can stay active in their fur for a while and is capable of infecting humans that come in its contact. 

Stray dogs

Dogs love dogs, and apparently so. If they go out and meet a dog friend from the next lane, they’ll most likely spend some time together, exchange a few licks and sniff a few places. If your dog comes in contact with a dog that has virus particles on his fur, there are chances that those particles will transfer to your dog’s fur, and from there, to your body. 

What if your dog needs to go out?

While small dogs are easy to control and manage, larger dog breeds need more space to spend their energy, and you will need to either take them out or send them out at least once a day. If so, make sure to take your dog directly to the dog wash machine or tub as soon as he returns. Wash him gently with dog shampoo to ensure his coat is entirely clean and free from any possible virus particles. 

If your dog goes out often, it’s important to take him to a pet washing machine regularly. If you do not have a lot of dog wash experience, you may damage the skin of your dog when washing him daily in the dog wash machine. To make sure the skin and coat of your dog are healthy, take him to the pet washing machine once or twice a month. 


The COVID-19 outbreak has brought our lives to a halt. Besides, it has affected the lives of dogs as well, especially pet dogs that are forced to stay indoors. However, this time shall pass soon, so dog owners should showcase strong leadership and train their dogs to spend time indoors. And if your dog needs to go out, make sure to adopt the necessary safety measures to ensure no one in your home gets infected.

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