How to keep your dog busy while working from home

If the pandemic stay-at-home orders are starting to loop upon you into mild insanity, you’re not alone. With the world stopped abruptly and all of us working/studying from home at these times, there is only one group that couldn’t be happier. Our Dogs! Having humans around them all the time, extra playing hours, and (possibly) more opportunities of grabbing those treats, your dog might be having the time of their life. However, on the one hand, when we can understand what’s going around us, our fur-ball friends cannot.

A sudden change in our lifestyles implies a halt to our dog’s routines too. Even if your dog is living the dream right now, it might result in an emotional toll later when life gets back to normal. To keep things relatively balanced, try to find a way to keep your dog engaged while you work but also following any prior routine that your pooch might have.

Here are a few ways to keep your dog engaged and active during the quarantine.


Try out new games and activities with your dog while at home. This will depend on the size of your home, whether a personal play zone is available, and your working hours.

Play “Puppy-Treat-Turns” with your pup. Have each family member take turns in calling out your dog’s name and giving them a treat when they come. Try playing “Hide-and-Seek” by hiding in “plain sight” and calling out your dog’s name, giving them time to find you. Or try the old “shell-game” where you hide an object, possibly a treat beneath one of the three cups, and have your dog figure out the correct cup upon shuffling them.

Take out the time for engaging activities and bond with your pup.

Party with your dog

Attending all those video calls and remote meetings sure must be exhausting for you, but your pooch also needs a break from being separated from you for all that time! So hop up from that seat, pick your favorite playlist, and get dancing with your pup. All that jumping and wiggling around will promote the much-needed activity to your dog and assure them that they still have your company.

Set up a Treat Hunt

Arrange a few empty boxes, cardboard, or any other material that you have at home into the form of a maze. Place some treats at one end of the maze and let your dog enter the maze through the other end. Record the time it takes for your pup to find the treats and keep on improving it. This will encourage mental ability and sensory skills in your dog while still being rewarded with treats!

Go on walks

Try going on walks around the block in the morning while taking the necessary precautions. Be sure to not go to any public park or dog-parks  to protect yourself against any foreign contact. Ensure that you’re following the issued guidelines related to the pandemic.

Teach new tricks

Utilize this time to teach your dog some new skills and tricks that you’ve always wanted to. Apart from the basic sit and roll, you can train them up on several interesting tricks like shake hands, spin, fetch, etc. follow an online tutorial or get creative on your own. Better yet, train your dog to speak “I love you” loud and clear in English! That surely will be a sight to see.

Remember to start with new things slowly and gradually as too much physical exercise may exert your dog. Use this time to develop an even stronger bond while taking care that when life gets back to normal you will have to make efforts to normalize it for your pooch too.


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