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Welcome to the official iClean Dog Wash Webshop. Here you can find everything for your iClean Dog Wash unit. Order your consumables, original spare parts, marketing material or merchandise here. We ship all over the world and accept a large variety of payment methods.

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iClean Dog Wash Shampoo€ 45,00
iClean Dog Wash Conditioner€ 55,00
iClean Dog Wash Anti-Flea Shampoo€ 65,00
iClean Dog Wash Disinfectant€ 55,00
100 iClean Tokens€ 75,00
iClean Wash Gun€ 45,00
Wash Hose€ 80,00
Wash Hose Assembly€ 130,00
Pressure Regulator€ 130,00
Water Inlet Hose€ 35,00
Thermostatic Mixing Valve € 245,00
Solenoid Valve € 135,00
Pressure Gauge€ 40,00
Peristaltic Dosing Pump€ 395,00
Inner Squeeze Tube (Peristalitic Dosing Pump)€ 30,00
Outer Silicone Tube (Peristalitic Dosing Pump)€ 30,00
Injection Valve (Peristalitic Dosing Pump)€ 50,00
Suction Lance (Peristalitic Dosing Pump)€ 85,00
Transformer 110V USA€ 350,00
Hair Dryer€ 495,00
Hose (Hair Dryer)€ 65,00
Nozzle (Hair Dryer)€ 20,00
Coin & Token Validator€ 250,00
Front Plate (Coin & Token Validator)€ 50,00
Banknote Reader€ 500,00
Insert Mount (Banknote Reader)€ 50,00
NAYAX Payment Terminal (Touch)€ 750,00
Cellular Antenna (NAYAX Payment Terminal)€ 175,00
3.5 inch PLC (Push button model)€ 595,00
11-inch Touch panel PC€ 2.500,00
SSD Software Drive (11-inch Touch panel PC)€ 125,00
22-inch Touch panel PC€ 3.000,00
SSD Software Drive (22-inch Touch panel PC)€ 125,00
Door Latch (Technical Cabinet)€ 95,00
Security Lock (Technical Cabinet)€ 65,00
Lock + Key (Payment Cabinet)€ 35,00
Key (Payment Cabinet)€ 10,00
Coin Box€ 75,00
Key (Electrical Cabinet)€ 10,00
Door Latch (Washtub)€ 75,00
Washtub Chain & Latch€ 35,00
Filter Screen Cover€ 65,00
Drain Hair Trap€ 65,00
Decal Set (Custom Design)€ 450,00
'Dog Wash' LED sign€ 995,00
iClean Dog Wash Door Sign Stainless Steel€ 75,00
iClean Dog Wash Water Bottle€ 35,00
iClean Dog Wash Mug€ 25,00
iClean Dog Wash Cap€ 25,00
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