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We have over 2,750 customers who use an iClean Dog Wash unit to drive increased foot traffic, strengthen customer loyalty, boost cross-sales, and more. And your business could take advantage of those same benefits.

Statistics show that our customers are averaging 35 washes per week. With a price per wash of USD 10 and the cost per wash of only USD 1.20, you will have a return on your investment in less than 1.5 years. Do you need financing to purchase an iClean Dog Wash? Feel free to contact us. We work with multiple financial partners who offer a variety of leasing programs.

Calculate your profit

Price per 10-minute wash (standard: USD 10.00)
Cost per wash (standard: USD 1.20)
Number of washes per week (average: 35)
Number of years
Total profit
USD 0.00

The costs and incomes on this website are averages. Calculate  your profit with the handy calculator on the side. Change the fields to your liking and see right away how profitable iClean Dog Wash is for your business.

Cost per 10-minute wash

Water Consumption
USD 0.10

2 Gallons per minute, 10 Gallons per wash. With a water price of USD 2.00 per 265 Gallons, the average total water cost will be USD 0.10.

Power Consumption
USD 0.05

At a kWh price of USD 0.15 p/kWh, the total average energy cost is USD 0.05 for a 10-minute wash.

The maximum capacity is 2 kW (during drying). When the hair dryer is switched on the electrical water heater of - also 2 kW - temporarily switches off. The hair dryer requires 1 kW at low volume, 2 kW at high volume. At 110 V this requires 16 Amp (20 Amp is standard for normal fusing).

Cost of washing products
USD 1.05

Dosing pumps, maximum capacity: 1.6 Gallon/hour = 0.025 Gallon/min. ​

Shampoo USD 0.35 (3 min | 0.005 gal/min | USD 35 per 1.32 gal)
Conditioner USD 0.30 (1 min 30 sec | 0.005 gal/min | USD 55 per 1.32 gal)
Anti-Flea Shampoo USD 0.15 (30 sec | 0.006 gal/min | USD 65 per 1.32 gal)
Disinfectant USD 0.10 (30 sec | 0.003 gal/min | USD 55 per 1.32 gal)

Total cost per 10-minute wash (excl. VAT)
USD 1.20

Return on investment
in less than 1.5 years

Purchasing an iClean Dog Wash is a very profitable investment. Our customers average 35 Dog Washes per week, which gives you a return on your investment in less than 1.5 years.

Calculation example
Price per 10-minute wash
Cost per wash
Profit per wash
Average number of washes per week
Total profit per year

Break Even Point is just
1 dog per day

Did you know that you can also lease an iClean Dog Wash unit? If you opt for a 5-year period (60 months) you break-even at just 1 dog wash per day.

The lease cost depends on the Dog Wash model you choose and the corresponding options. On average, the cost is about USD 250 per month.

The average margin per wash is USD 8.80. Worldwide 35 dogs are washed per week on average. At just 7 dogs per week the lease costs are covered. Every extra wash is pure profit!

Calculation example
Lease period (5 years/60 months)
Average lease costs per month
Total lease costs (5 years)
Price per 10-minute wash
Cost per wash
Profit per wash
Number of washes per week (average: 35)
Total profit over 5 years
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