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Spare parts

We built the iClean Dog Wash units to last a lifetime. Regardless parts can break due to intensive use and regular wear and tear. If that happens it’s not a problem: our units are modular and replacing parts is easy. We ship directly from stock.

Products: 39
iClean Wash Gun€ 45,00
Wash Hose€ 80,00
Wash Hose Assembly€ 130,00
Pressure Regulator€ 130,00
Water Inlet Hose€ 35,00
Thermostatic Mixing Valve € 245,00
Solenoid Valve € 135,00
Pressure Gauge€ 40,00
Peristaltic Dosing Pump€ 395,00
Inner Squeeze Tube (Peristalitic Dosing Pump)€ 30,00
Outer Silicone Tube (Peristalitic Dosing Pump)€ 30,00
Injection Valve (Peristalitic Dosing Pump)€ 70,00
Suction Lance (Peristalitic Dosing Pump)€ 85,00
Transformer 110V USA€ 350,00
Hair Dryer€ 495,00
Hose (Hair Dryer)€ 65,00
Nozzle (Hair Dryer)€ 20,00
Coin & Token Validator€ 250,00
Front Plate (Coin & Token Validator)€ 50,00
Banknote Reader€ 500,00
Insert Mount (Banknote Reader)€ 50,00
NAYAX Payment Terminal (Touch)€ 750,00
Cellular Antenna (NAYAX Payment Terminal)€ 175,00
3.5 inch PLC (Push button model)€ 595,00
11-inch Touch panel PC€ 2.500,00
SSD Software Drive (11-inch Touch panel PC)€ 125,00
22-inch Touch panel PC€ 3.000,00
SSD Software Drive (22-inch Touch panel PC)€ 125,00
Door Latch (Technical Cabinet)€ 95,00
Security Lock (Technical Cabinet)€ 65,00
Lock + Key (Payment Cabinet)€ 35,00
Key (Payment Cabinet)€ 10,00
Coin Box€ 75,00
Key (Electrical Cabinet)€ 10,00
Door Latch (Washtub)€ 75,00
Washtub Chain & Latch€ 35,00
Filter Screen Cover€ 65,00
Drain Hair Trap€ 65,00
Decal Set (Custom Design)€ 450,00
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