Pet Groomers

7 Secrets that Pet Groomers Wish They Could Tell You

Nervous Dogs

It is natural for dogs to get nervous initially when they arrive at the pet store. Once they get accustomed to the clinic, they settle down. Most pet owners worry a lot when their dogs get nervous so it is perfectly normal for them to act in that manner.

Not Everyone Can Be a Groomer

Not everyone who wants to be a groomer can be one. It takes a lot of hard work and time to become a professional groomer. This demands respect from pet owners who want to get their dogs groomed.

Hobbyists Can Become Professionals

If someone likes grooming pets and enjoys being around them, they can turn their hobby into their profession as this requires a lot of patience and perseverance that only someone who is passionate enough will see through till the end.

Different Breeds Entails Different Challenges

Grooming is more physically demanding than what people may think. As groomers are working with pets of all sizes, they have to adapt accordingly. Small dogs may be easier to lift but they can be quite challenging to groom as they are just tiny and one misstep can result in disaster. With bigger dogs, you can’t get them to do something they don’t want to do. Some dogs that weigh well above 200 pounds can’t be made to come up on the grooming table; the groomer has to lie down on the ground and groom them.

Bugs Can Cause a Menace

Flea and Tick season is the worst time for groomers. Not many people realize what groomers have to go through during this season. Fighting fleas is a real challenge to groomers in the hotter regions as fleas thrive in this climate. Groomers have a huge responsibility to make sure that fleas and ticks don’t spread from one dog to another in their care. This makes their work that much more difficult as they have to disinfect their whole work area everytime they get a flea or tick infested dog for grooming.

Brush Them Regularly

It is a good habit to brush your dog regularly after dog wash either at home or at an automated dog wash machine or a pet wash machine. Brushing is crucial when the season changes from spring and early summer when they shed their winter coat. This helps them avoid excess shedding in unwanted places. The other major benefit of brushing regularly is that you can avoid their fur coat from matting which can be quite painful for them.

Know Your Breed Well Before You Get Them

Most pet owners have no clue how to care for their dog’s coat before they get them home. They are always after what they like and forget about what is best for the dog. More often than not groomers have to educate them regarding what’s best for their dogs. For instance, when a Goldendoodle owner sees their dog’s curly fur shaved down, most of them end up with tears, even though this is the best thing for this breed after they reach a certain age.

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