||Pet and pandemics||Pet Adoption Boom: How Pets Are Reducing Stress

Coronavirus and Pet Adoption Boom: How Pets Are Reducing Stress Amid COVID-19?

Sharing our lives with pets is good for our health. They make us healthier and happier, with some researchers also finding the link between pets and increased cognitive abilities in children. But above all, pets provide companionship, something we are missing as humans at this point in time – Pet Adoption. 

Since there have been multiple reports suggesting that people are struggling with mental health problems amid this COVID-19 pandemic, dogs can play a significant role in creating a psychological change and make you feel better. 

Pet and pandemics

Pet and pandemics

Early in the COVID-19 pandemic, the world witnessed a large-scale pet abandonment across the globe. The initial reports suggested that coronavirus has emerged from mammals, which made pet owners panic and said goodbye to their pets. This significantly affected the dog wash business as well, with a large number of pet washing machine owners incurring massive losses. 

But with more research on the topic, it is almost clear that dogs and other pets don’t play a role in the spread of the virus. It has encouraged many people to adopt dogs and set themselves up for better mental health during the pandemic. Besides, having a pet can also influence you to practice and maintain health-protective behaviors, such as eating well and going out for a walk. 

Human-animal relationships

With COVID-19 spreading readily among humans, the significance of non-human relationships has substantially increased. Most people describe the experience of owning a pet amid the COVID-19 pandemic as “comforting,” “great,” and “helpful.” Therefore, if you are feeling lonely because you can’t see your friends or family, or you are stressed or afraid of what effects will the COVID-19 pandemic cause, having a pet by your side can be helpful. By engaging in activities such as training and dog wash, you not only divert your mind from negative thoughts but also exercise your body physically. 

But don’t forget the safety

While owning a pet offers comfort and happiness, it also comes with responsibilities. Don’t forget to deploy the essential safety measures required to ensure your dog’s safety. A few points to consider include:

  • Don’t adopt a dog if you are infected or sick or anyone in your house is sick. Although there is no evidence of human-animal transmission, the virus particles can reside on the fur of a dog and can infect other humans. If, by chance, your dog comes in contact with an infected person, wash your dog in a dog wash machine.  
  • If you take your dog out for a walk, maintain a distance of at least six feet from other animals and humans. 
  • After returning home from outside, take your dog to the dog wash machine and bathe him with lukewarm water and mild dog shampoo. 
  • Avoid taking your dog to a pet washing machine provider, and if you do, make sure to confirm that the provider is implementing the necessary safety and social distancing measures. 


Adopting a dog can be a great decision, especially at a time when most humans crave companionship. However, owning a dog comes with a bunch of responsibilities, so make sure you are up for that, too.

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